Pirates n Beacons.....arrrrrrrr!

I really loved the High Seas content when it first came out, although I never did get really "in" to the capturing of pirates much.  Mostly due to the somewhat lengthy process of making ammo and also the time involved in catching them and taking them all the way back to Sea Market.  The new system is great, the simplifications with ammo making/aquiring is really good in my opinion.  And the extra places to aquire the quest is definitely a winner.  Particularly the Tokuno one.  I just wanted to say a big "thankyou" to all involved in bringing this to life.  I am loving it!  


  • Not sure if we should have devoted a whole year to it but it is certainly popular and there's far worse things they could be spending time on. But yes, some awesome changes.
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  • HippoHippo Posts: 212
    My ships have been in dry dock for years but now I am doing nothing but piracy! I really love the idea that so many other players can share in the same drop (mystic cargo) from lighthouse. I always yell out in general chat when I'm doing one and have a rune to my ship locked down on porch.

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