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I have recently wanted to take screen shots of UO and have never done it before. I googled how to take a screenshot of my PC computer and followed the how to videos but have not been able to get it working. Can anyone help me? I have no idea what I am doing wrong. It seemed simple. Have the file open while hitting the PrintSc Button. I have also tried holding down the shift key while pressing Print Sc button. Neither seem to work  because I went into my file an it was empty. Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? I am using a Windows 7 Professional  PC, 64bit.


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    To take PC screenshots:
    1) press the "print screen" key;
    2) open a graphical app (MS Paint is enough);
    3) Paste the memorized screen;
    4) save it as a .jpg, .png, etc.
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    If you have windows 10, you can choose onedrive to save screenshots you take with printscreen automatically.
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    Thank you for the assistance @Ivenor . I will test it out when I get home. I am sure that it will work now after your guidance. Thanks a bunch for not making me feel dumb lol.
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    Thank you @Mandrake
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    There’s also the snipping too that comes with windows. Just push the windows key and start typing snipping tool and it should pop up. 
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    @dvvid Thank you.

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