Embroidery Tool: Eligibility discrepancy

OkamiOkami Posts: 62
The tool has a tooltip saying it's a 4th year reward, but I was not able to claim it until my subscription just passed 5 years.


  • Also can embroider certain blackthorn's items but not the hooded robe?
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,701
    @Kyronix the Embroidery Tool was added in Publish 104
    and the publish notes say its a 4th year reward.
    Even on the wiki, it says its a 4th year.
    but its not on the list to claim.

    was it intended to be a 4th and then changed to a 5th year?

    I was hoping to get it for Christmas events,
     but its not on the list for a 4th year

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