Roof loot

I have not gotten a drop in the last 34 shadowguard runs wearing a luck suit of 2520. The legendary items are at times a joke with only one or two mods and having massively high resistances. Other items like shields have generally the same mods.
So here is what I think. Those who farmed and scripted the Putrifier for maps and high mod armor are now selling those pieces for hundred of millions if not billions of gold per piece. Not only did they in some cases break the rules, but are now benefiting from it. Those pieces are considered rares because of the loot table change on the Putrifier. Some say those kind of 8+ high mod pieces will never be created or put back into the game.
I don't think the devs should nerf the armor already in the game or stop it from dropping ever again. The only problem was putting it on a creature that could be scripted or farmed. I think with the low level legendary loot on the roof and the rarity of Shadowguard artifacts dropping, they should add a piece to that. The chance on getting a high mod armor drop would be the same as maybe getting a paragon chest or something like that. I would even go for it having the same rng as the artifacts drop.
This would bring down the prices on the high mod pieces those are now benefiting from and give more of an incentive to do the Shadowguard. Many give up doing it due to the reasons I have stated and this would perhaps get more to play. The main thing, there would be no chance that I could see in those farming or scripting for it again.
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