Mage Armor

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I think UO should take away the 5 property restriction on putting mage armor on an item since there are none for removing.
I would also add my appreciation for the team for adding the warning in the material bonus section regarding hit point regeneration.
I would like to see them add more material bonuses to enhancement. Enhancing woodland armor can be frustrating especially when you want a specific property and end up with lower requirements due to the random generator. It may not really ruin a piece but for those who buy the tool, they should at least get the property they want.
The hide and metal items should have equal enhancement choices. This would also increase the artifacts tool sales. What I would suggest is a item property tool you can buy that would add any mod to armor or weapons. They could use intensity or point per charge use like imbuing. For instance, each tool would hold 10 charges. If you wanted to put mana regeneration on chest armor, each point of regen would cost a one or two charges. For mana increase, they could do it point for point. This tool would only add properties and could not be used to raise ones already present. You could also restrict it like enhancing to one addition per item.


  • PureLifePureLife Posts: 54
    That would be bad for balance to allow every type of armor to be enhanced with mod's.
  • Well, almost all armor can be enhanced to some degree anyways. If you have a nice chest piece and want to spend the ten bucks to get mana regen on it, I don't think that would be too difficult or hurt gameplay. Wouldn't be very much different that imbuing exactly what you want on some things or even reforging to get a property. To take it a little further, that tool could even erase a property off and item you have.
    As far as mage armor, having a restriction on adding something but no restriction on removing doesn't seem like balance.
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