Huntsmaster's Challenge: Rewards on Siege Perilous

Ezekiel_ZaneEzekiel_Zane Posts: 326
The Harvester's Axe has 1000 charges when it's new.  It is supposed to be rechargeable with a runed switch.  Like just about all items on Siege, when used, it's given a total Uses Remaining #.  The Axe comes with 1000 charges but it's only getting 100+ Uses Remaining, and it goes POOF when it reaches zero.

Is this really as intended?  It's not exactly an easily obtainable item and like most high-end items on Siege, is basically nothing more than  deco in it's current incarnation.

The Harvester's Blade isn't any better.  One hundred or so uses and POOF.  Another virtually useless item on Siege.


  • TanagerTanager Posts: 634
    Late to the thread, but gonna post my observation anyway. Same issue with the caddelite tools... Axes do not have charges on prodo, so they added code to make them do so. But it appears that the code is stacking with Siege's already existing code, so every swing consumes 2 charges. One when you 2 click, and another after the target. Since pickaxes have charges on prodo, it is the only Siege caddelite tool that functions as intended.

    Does the axe not recharge?
  • fonsvitaefonsvitae Posts: 51
    A Siege Perilous item that is clicked, used and has its uses remaining refreshed upon being used up is the lockpick.

    Perhaps the code used on the lockpick can also be implemented on the above items. As a side note, lockpicks are stackable and this difference may be pertinent.

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