Failure to Launch

briannabrianna Posts: 22
so i reactivated my accounts a year ago and have been playing on my home shard including participating in EM events...and i am wondering who to talk to about allowing our EM to do what needs to be done to reward players for "winning" shard run events...i'm not talking about giving out items i am referring to the plaques that were promised to be hung in the reward hall for the scavenger hunts and pet battles

i know from talking to other players that something happened and an em got banned/fired/removed due to creating items and then taking it to other shards and selling it and exploiting the system but not every em is a bad em and i do not think it is fair to the players to punish us because of an action of the i know that @Mesanna is a busy person but it has been over 6 months and still items are not being placed in the reward hall and we the players have been told over and over again it will happen that she is a busy lady and will get to us in due how long is due time how long do the players have to wait for something to happen or is this just another way to run people off and make it where the shard is dead so that you can combine it down or delete it?


  • briannabrianna Posts: 22
    oh and please do NOT tell me to just talk to my em because every single time i have brought this up to the em in question the response is always we are waiting on Mesanna to place the items
  • it is 18 months later and still no response still no reward plaques still being told to be patient that @Mesanna ; @Mesanna1 ; is a busy person and the em promises it will be done but im now convinced that nothing will ever happen
  • garengaren Posts: 1
    trinisc brianna?
  • briannabrianna Posts: 22
    Sonoma Brianna of Peoples Army of Sonoma (PAS)
  • briannabrianna Posts: 22
    and a year has passed since i won the pet battle on my birthday and still no item placed in the reward hall
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