Wood Stove / Built In Oven

I was afraid to go off topic in other threads about the new kitchen items. But just wanted to point out, for those who are better with using the axed stone table pieces than I am, that you can make a built in oven with the woodstove. I didn't have a very good spot to try it in this room so this is pretty rough but you get the idea. Need to find a little something to hide the stovepipes. Wish you could use furniture dye tubs to dye stone furniture deeds. 

Anywho...thought it was kinda fun. :-)


  • MilenaMilena Posts: 30
    Nice looking kitchen there! I wish they would release the kitchen set to the UO Store soon enough!
    Milena Cindell - Europa
  • LilyGraceLilyGrace Posts: 627
    Hi @Aldora Yeah they're fun pieces. I'm looking forward to them too! They ran into a snag with a bug on the cabinet doors. Maybe they're still working on that issue.
  • CharGarCharGar Posts: 38
    Wish we could use the sink as a water source and the oven as a heat source.  Anyway to change this?

  • HermioneHermione Posts: 51
    I read before you need to put water in the sink
  • DrakelordDrakelord Posts: 1,619
    Last I saw the wood burner stove is not a heat source

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