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GidgeGidge Posts: 422
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I just spent the whole evening in a chat called General Chat. No not General, but General Chat. lol

Someone must have made the room and happen to be logged into when I logged in. (I changed rooms last night for em event and change back today)

I would like to recommend...

Official rooms and rooms created by EM's to be a different color than player made ones? I thought about this for the EM when there are like 4 diff rooms with diff names sometimes. EM, EMCHAT, EM-chat and EM Chat. If the EM one could (and the rest of the official) be a diff color to help guide us, (and me because I clearly need help with this :D) I think would be most helpful.


  • PawainPawain Posts: 7,334
    That room does not exist on LS.  I think Grace made it as a Joke.  :)
  • GidgeGidge Posts: 422
    Grace made it to hide from you all night!
  • AaylaAayla Posts: 170
    Gidge said:
    Grace made it to hide from you all night!
    Everyone's hiding from Allen lol
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