How about selling House Joining?

How about selling "House Joining" in the EA store?
You could join together two plots so visually they are one plot.

You would still have to have two accounts so no lost revenue there.
Could not have any normally blocking tiles in between.
House would maintain their individuality.  Separate owner/accounts.  Separate storage limits and customization.  The plots are simply connected visually. I'd pay $20 - $25 to join to 18x18s into one plot.

I imagine a GM or Dev would need to login to move one of the plots up next to the other.  I already said there could be nothing that usually would block house placement like trees, bumps, certain rocks & shrubs.

What do you think?


  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    What happens when you stop paying for 1 of the accounts?  Does the whole plot go idoc?  How would you be able to sell your house if 2 accounts are required.  Sorry not a very good idea IMHO.
  • Ezekiel_ZaneEzekiel_Zane Posts: 326
    edited February 2019
    Yep two accounts are required.  If you don't pay for one then half the house goes IDOC. 

    Anyone wants to buy the house, it takes two accounts to do so.  Unless you want to sell 1/2 your house, which makes no sense.  It's not complicated at all.

    It's still two individual houses.  Simply pushed together to appear as one and allowing you to walk around as one house.

    It's a great idea!  Doesn't lose revenue for EA and in fact generates some additional revenue.
  • Why not just ask for 18x36 plots? Or 36x18s would be easier then paying to have devs log in and do what ever your asking. 
  • Because what you're saying would lose EA money.
  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    So if I had 4 accounts could I get a 36x36 plot or better yet lets do 8 accounts.  so you want the devs to break all the housing rules to give you a 36x18 empty plot.  PLEASE DEVs NO TO THIS IDEA.
  • Ezekiel_ZaneEzekiel_Zane Posts: 326
    edited February 2019
    Set limits or don't set limits.  I imagine that decision would be up to Mesanna.

    Hardly all the housing rules being broken.  Each plot is still an individual house on separate accounts.  If there's nothing blocking in between the plots, then it's simply moving two plots together so instead of one tile in between two E, W plots there is none.  For a N & S plots set they move the 5 tiles together.  Again there could be nothing blocking so you'd have to place the two plots accordingly.  As nothing is blocking a plot could be there anyway.
  • Ezekiel_ZaneEzekiel_Zane Posts: 326
    edited February 2019
    BTW, a lot of players already have two 18x18s side by side, separated by a single tiles width.

    Pardon me if I fail to recognize the game ending tragedy it would be, for EA to make a few dollars more and move two plots together visually.
  • GidgeGidge Posts: 413
    This is an OUTSTANDING idea mister!!!!!!

    Can't say or add anything to make it better, you covered it well.
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