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    Thanks - I have been doing that already since they do not have time to go pirating. I was wondering about the pet, tho.
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    DO you really think he is going to tell us the price of the pet.  >:)
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    "It will be delivered as a reward for participating in the Rising Tide event, which has been in testing on TC1.  The "high-medium-low" end reward is almost not something we want to focus on right now - more-so we are looking at feedback from tamers as to the desirability and utility of said pet. The "how much" comes after, so we are looking for your thoughts on the pet, independent of other factors as it relates to the event."

    I misunderstood Kyronix's comment to mean the pet would be a participation reward, like with the 20th anniversary. A reward to participating characters. I finally knuckled down and read thru the cannon and ammo thread, however, and it would seem the pet will be sold for doubloons. My bad!
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    If the pet were mountable, it would be very is, i want it for novelty, but will use a hyru , cu sidhe, nightmare, or beetle first.
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    Drowy said:
    Mervyn said:
    I wouldn’t class a 22% and 33% reduction in something that started off around 200% more powerful than other pets as substantial.

    The Triton was never 200% better than other pets. It was stronger/better than alot, but it has to in top range to be interesting to keep. 900 intensity points is alot and I would also call it substantial. Hopefully it will still be useful for some fights, because the Physical/Energy attack is bad for most.

    "Hopefully it will still be useful for some fights, because the Physical/Energy attack is bad for most."

    Let me see if I understood what you said correctly...

    Are you saying that the "Design choice" to make the Triton have a Physical/Energy attack will severely limit the number of high end Bosses that it will be able to fight since this type of attack is bad for "most" of the High End Bosses out there ?

    That is, that the "usability" of the Triton will be very much limited in what High End Bosses it will be able to fight ?

    If so, could you please give an example of what High End Bosses you think it WILL be able to fight well and what High End Bosses will be a no-no for the Triton considering its Physical/Energy type of attack ?

    Also, and bear with me since I am only starting to learn the new pets' training mechanics, if a pet is trained in Chivalry+Armor Ignore as a special attack, doesn't that mean that the pet using AI will ignore the Physical Resistance of the attacked (but cause 90% of the normal damage only).

    If so, how would then a Triton with Physical/Energy attack be "that" bad for most High End Bosses if the Triton was to be trained using the Chivalry + Armor Ignore special attack ?
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    Not all attacks will be AI, or will have EoO, which is going to reduce your damage.

    That being said, having a pet that has healing do something other than phys or phys and cold is nice.

    I just hope it doesnt cost more than the bird seeing as how we will need to pop several to get a high end one.
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    I copy over my tamer t hunter sitting at the Trinsic Inn on TC1 getting dressed, the shard crashes, wait for it to come back up, log in my tamer t hunter is not there? I have to make a new character, so I log out to log in on Sonoma to copy my tamer t hunter once more and I am told I cannot copy again since I already did so I now have to wait 24hrs 
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