there has been no nerf to legendary intensity

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Theres been alot of discussion, people assuming item intensity has been nerfed.

i dont believe this to be the case.

this is the response from mesanna that people are using as "proof" that intensity was nerfed.  i dont believe she meant a cap on actual properties, i believe she was refering to the cap on number of items (which would naturally make actually seeing those max intensity legendaries much more rare)

Hello Kitty: i seen ppl with items with 13+ properties
Hello Kitty: i was told it doesnt drop anymore
Hello Kitty: true or false?
Mesanna: we put a cap on items
Mesanna: but it is possible they were from before
Hello Kitty: i believe so

Now there have been several changes in the past year, that would naturally make people assume that high intensity items just dont drop anymore.  i think its just a matter of rarity, and people not looking in the right spots.  Keep in mind a legendary artifact can drop off a mongbat.  just extremely rare. Consider the following:

Vast majority of legendaries in the game now were bot farmed.  20 accounts 24/7 farming putrifier, abscess.  each character gets its own loot table, there was no cap on number of items per corpse.  so each kill were getting 400 to over 1,000 items.  would still take many kills to get 1 max intensity item.

Putrifier actual loot table was nerfed, plus multiboxing was banned (i realize people still do it, but not quite as much)

Number of items now has a hard cap at 250.  there used to be over 1,000 items on many mobs at EM events, or if a person had many accounts attacking the same mob.

the exploit to get 2 bosses to spawn at shadowguard was fixed, as well as the tamer exploit.  So less items coming out of shadowguard.

As far as i know top tier mobs like slasher and stygian dragon have not been touched.

treasure map loot has not been touched that i know of, and people have confirmed greater than 8 properties coming from them.

I really do feel that with all of the fore-mentioned, its just a matter of numbers.  It makes total sense that actually seeing max intensity items has been reduced by around 90 percent, simply because of the loot number cap, multibox crackdown, and fixing of exploits.

i used to farm the original shame loot.  i farmed for months (1 character) before i got something that was really amazing.  i think its the same thing with max intensity properties now.  after enough months of farming im pretty sure even someone playing 1 account would see a max intensity item.

if you are able to confirm, please do.  i know people have become frustrated and the motivation to pvm is decreasing because of (possible) mis-information being spread around.


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    i farmed Shadowlord(undersea Boss) for around 4 years and the ratio was between 6 to 9 legendaries per run with 2 players.

    After the recents changes (Shadowguard fix and loot tables), I only loot 1 to 3 legendaries per players.

    Is it true that the item numbers loot have been decreased, but I can confirm the properties have been changed also.
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    i agree that item number was nerfed, and that specific mobs loot table was nerfed.  still dont believe that these 15 mod items dont drop at all.

    however im never going to test myself and devote months of time to it, thanks for your input and experience with shadowlord.  ive never actually done that boss myself.

    its very impossible there was an overall nerf.  theres just no proof, and the overall decrease in legendaries does make sense to me because of the changes we can actually confirm. 

    also thanks again for farming, legitimately.   its a great service to players.
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    i might experiment with styngian dragon a bit.  out of all the high loot table mobs, i have gut feeling that might be best chances.
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    Stygian Dragon gives garbage for loot. My guild does him quite often, running up to 6 Stygian Dragons in an hour, and he gives basically nothing but crappy Gargoyle gear. His loot quality is nowhere near Roof, Exodus or Shadowlords.
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    Rather than loot getting worse, it may just be your standards are increasing. For me, I’ll generally only keep items that are better than what I currently have. So naturally over time my bar is raised. 
    I tell you the truth, tis better to do 10 damage on the right target than 100 damage on the wrong target.

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    99.9% if not 100% of times u will get an 8 mod item. They have fixed/nerfed the 11 mod + items. Also, why are we making another thread about this when we have a perfectly good one posted before. 
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    Stygian Dragon gives garbage for loot. My guild does him quite often, running up to 6 Stygian Dragons in an hour, and he gives basically nothing but crappy Gargoyle gear. His loot quality is nowhere near Roof, Exodus or Shadowlords.
    I concur. 
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    This was posted by a dev in another thread and i thought it to be relevant to your thread here.  so...  here ya go


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