How to Make Gold?

Hello All!

I am back to UO after a long hiatus, I started the game in 99 and stopped in 2006.  I have been off and on since then, coming back for expansion releases usually.  This time I am going to try and really stick with the game.

My question is: How do I earn gold?

The rate of gold I can farm off mobs certainly has not kept up with inflation.  I find even grinding a couple hundred Miasma or something like that is not really an option when I am trying to buy a 20 wrestling scroll.  I use to run a moderately successful vendor house in the olden days, and never really was hurting for money.  But now I just don't know how to get established.

BTW I am playing on Atlantic.

Any tips tricks or advice?  If I do throw up some vendors are there certain items that sell well all the time? Resources/Commodities etc?

Thank you.


  • PapaSmurfPapaSmurf Posts: 112
    Navrey for tangles, Medusa for slithers, Roof for all sorts, spawns for scrolls, that’s the only way to make a decent buck, unless you are in to reforging, crafting is pretty crap at making money, get a decent sampire, I can kill navrey in 5 mins, although I have had a bad run as I’m fairly sure I’m close to 100 navreys without a tangle (mini rant)  :D

  • SwordofExcaliburSwordofExcalibur Posts: 95
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    Reselling seems to be a trend.  Pick any commodity or consumable from the many multiple sources.

    Start a vendor and resell it.

    I currently make my gold training pets and stocking them.  I won’t reveal my secrets.  But if you look closely enough, you’ll figure it out quick.

    Though this week and past weekend are SUPER slow in pet selling retail.  And I’m having to deal with uneducated sellers crashing prices of everyday, useful pets due to lack k of knowledge.  I’m positive my competitors are barely breaking even.  It’s pretty silly.  

    I’m currently lagging behind on selling a good Black Cu and several trained pets, even a 7x120 Legendary Cold Drake at GM Chiv.  Surprised that hasn’t sold yet.

    My fully trained and scrolled stuff usually flys off the shelves.

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    Event items sell well.. So do cleanup point rewards... and Blackthorn mini-arties. You can farm gold eles in Blackthorns and sell the mini-arties and trash the gold ingots for cleanup points.
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