As a returning player, I have spent a lot of time over the past year looking at collections, and thinking about the "rares" from days gone by.  I almost want to cry when I think about the things that I had back in the day that I either dropped on the ground upon leaving, or that just simply fell with the 6 houses that used to exist.  But my question is this.....   Why are there no items dedicated to Lord British?  No statues, sash's, shields....  nothing.  Is it simply due to the way that he left the UO world (Richard I mean) or is there some other reason?


  • GidgeGidge Posts: 426
    I would wager it is because they apparently lost the right to use his name when he left the system. Even though I am sure "someone in the know" will correct me, but for me since each shard has their own story...this is mine and I don't really care what the "someone's in the know" have to say about it.
    Lord British gave them a little bit of time to finish using his name after they left to transfer the crown to a new person. They slacked and didn't do it in time to make it official. i.e. kill him off, go crazy and run away. Get eating by dragons , etc.

    Since Mr. Garriott is officially know as Lord British and he played that char when he would log in, I would suspect that it was written into a contract somewhere that no one else could have that name or use that name.
    He did go to the big party/event they had and he even did a marriage and spoke about UO so It isn't like the new people are holding a grudge against him or something like that.

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