I am Flesh Renderer Noob! (there I said it)

Okay, so here's the deal. I can Solo the Dark Father, Dark Knight, Impaler, shadow Knight and the Abyssmal. But for some reason the flesh renderer annihilates me everytime! It turns that wretched yellow colour and then almost one shots me, whats the deal?

Anyone have some new tactics for this vile beast? I haven't played in just over 2 years and can't seem to find anything in previous patch notes as to why this was changed.

Thanks in advance  :D


  • ZappZapp Posts: 14
    Holy cow, I know right?????
    I noticed this same thing in my solo doom runs. 
    What I do now is just keep a real close eye on them.... The second it turns color... I run away and heal hehe. 
    I hope someone chimes in with good intel. 
  • SmootSmoot Posts: 346
    edited March 2018
    make sure your full health before it turns yellow (so you can take the hit)

    150 or close to it hp

    healing potions

    confidence spell (i spam this during the yellow phase, its usually enough to keep me alive)

    bandages if you have healing skill

    Agreed, its hard for low-gear sampires.   some mana regen regen really helps so you can keep casting confidence during the yellow phase.

    it takes some doing but once you get the rhythm down you get used to it.  just cant mess up or have it turn yellow when your already low on health or your dead.  I also usually dismount, and leave my armored swampy outside for this fight in case i do die i dont want my swampy killed.
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