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If these are still available, do they allow you to copy a runebook or atlas that is locked down in someones house, or does the book that you want to copy have to be in your pack as well?  Also, is it one charge per book or per location?  Thanks in advance for any info


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    in your backpack
    one charge for the whole book
    must have an unmarked rune for each location & the appropriate number of spells to do it
  • Cindy is quite correct.  You need runes scrolls and the empty book and the book you wish to copy in your main pack.   It should be able to copy the Atlas.. though I have not tried as of yet.  The pens are in the in game store.
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    I copied with the PoW even the Atlas that comes with the Deluxe Starter Pack (, so it shouldn't be a problem to copy any Atlas, provided that you have enough corresponding blank material in the top level of your backpack. The only thing that I have not yet verified is if you need a "same capacity" blank Runebook/Atlas of the one copied even if the source one is not full.

    One thing that I will REALLY appreciate would be it it were possible to use the PoW to copy the RB/Atals from the Public Runebook Libraries. As now this is impossible, as, being those books Locked in House items, one don't have the access level need to do the copy. For the records, I verified this in a couple of PRL on ATL, but didn't try all of them.


  • Making copies of public library books was the main intent I had. Was sad to learn it isn’t possible. Perhaps it will come to be.
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    Sir_Jerms said:
    Making copies of public library books was the main intent I had. Was sad to learn it isn’t possible. Perhaps it will come to be.
    For what I have seen (but I will be happy if someone will disprove it) as now one must use the RB/Atlas to transfer to the locations Marked in them, and there Mark a new Rune to build one own RB/Atlas...
  • When the Pen first came about I took the best Sneeky I had with all the bells and whistles of protection for protecting him and took the adage of gate go in and hide asap see if it was clear to mark a rune do so and vamoose back in that gate asap.  This was on places I knew for sure that were death traps at times.  Most books were not so hard to get runes for. But you would be surprised how many of us have runes to most of these places on our characters … Especially us old Fel born players...  
  • That made me laugh out loud.

  • hehe my age in UO was showing I see
  • I remember spending days and days going around marking runes, creating a library and then sitting back and relishing in my accomplishment.  If only I still had the books from years past.... Most of the runes probably wouldn't work lol but some might.  I would, of course, have to try the one to the "Star Room" just for old times sake.

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    Interesting thing is that in one of my books that I copied with the PoW there is aRune for a Brit ship of mine that got lost to the notorius "Lighthouse Bug". The rune got copied right, but even the copy when used STILL gives the "Boat not Found" message... B)

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