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I am a 20 year vet returning to E/A Shards from (removed by moderator). I have some great idea's I think would be hits with the players and the creators could make some bank on!!! I know Im sure they're set in their ways but....

1) Stat gump [my stat
On (removed by moderator) players could enter the command [my stat and a gump would appear displaying all the players stats. I get you can see things like ssi, di, luck, resist on the stat bar, But you don't see things like coordinators, stat regen, karma, fame, bandy speed, murder counts, swing delay, stat increase, reflect damage, stables, game time, tithing point, stat increases. This would help players immensely with toon builds as well as char info.

2) Shrink Potions
A HUGE seller on (removed by moderator) was shrink potions.. (I know the concept sounds weird) BUT..
Imagine if you will the ability to summon your pet at any time from your bag.. No more walking with a 5 slot pet. Ride your ethy to your destination bag it and pop out your pet. It was a little blessed vile that had unlimited charges. Soon as you tame a pet, you could shrink it. Was heavy (Stones) but worth it. Once pets were shrunk.. The did suffer a small penalty to stats...

3) PM system
It's 1 thing to have to use external messaging to contact guild members or other players but a very useful tool was a private mail system [pm (Users name) and it would open a message box that the receiver of the message gets an gump indicating they have mail. Makes communication that much better and reliable between players esp doing business trades etc.

4) Bank Stones (Portable & Non-portable)
Bank stones you can place in your house that give you and any visiting players to your house the ability to access their bank accounts anywhere in straight line of sight in a house. Comes in deed form and auto secures upon placement. Portable one stays in players bag and allows bank access only in the players own home. (not accessible by other players)

5)PVP based events / DUAL system
There's a ton of PVM events, what about PVP? Like , single, duo and team tournaments with ranking/ratings. People will know who the best of the best is with the ratings to back it up. Capture the flag, last man standing, WAR on the water (2 ships in the ocean, last team alive) Players could click a stone at the bank w/ a partner or team or other players to enter a que to start the games. Also the command, I challenge thee would bring a toggle, select a person you wanted to dual 1 on 1. Upon accepting, both players would teleport to an arena and fight.. (spectators can enter gate where challenge was made/accepted and watch) No loss of insurance/karma/fame only pride and rating loss.

6) The vendor confusion problem
So many vendors are dead.. (No buy-able items) please make these vendors gray in color so people know not to waste their time sorting thru them cause after 20 boxes/bags.. there's nothing.    

7) Dex > Mag shouldn't it be Dex = Mag 
This is totally my opinion, but dex seem to be seriously over powered.. Could balance things out by giving pure mages (No weapon) a better fc/fcr to make up for the unbalance. like 4/8.. Just a suggestion..

8) Make game time achievable IN GAME some how..
(Let players volunteer to help noobs or let people IRL advertise for UO game time. Get a free month for every 200 times a UO link is shared on social media or something.. Just a suggestion look at FORTNITE.. Free to play no restrictions, their accessories made them rich.. Get creative with donation items.. dig deep and make people want spend on accessories.. Let them play for free.. It'll bring many people back and donations is where you'd make your bread $$$$. I pay for my account(S) 

Thanks for listening to me run my mouth.. Happy hunting and for God sake people.. Stop being afraid of going to FEL. Everything is BETTER IN FEL!!!!!!! Destroy Tram!! <span>:smiley:</span>       


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    Welcome Home.


    Are you playing CC? 1
    Have you heard of EC and Pincos? 1
    Have you checked out the vendor search system? 6
    Have you read the parry thread? 7
    Have you read about the new High Seas Revamp? 5
    Have you visited Alt? 5
    Have you read the parry thread? 5
    Did you know we have pet summoning balls? 2
    Did you know you can log in and out to get your pet to you? 2
    Have you read about Endless Journey? 8
    We recently were given a Global Chat System that allows you to talk to people on other shards and in game and see when they are on. It does not work if one is offline though or if one logs off and doesn't see they have messages. No way to verify if they have or have not read it.
    I am not big on outside or alt means of communicating as I live on my shard only. People here still use ICQ. 3

    I myself would be against banking from home. We have Bags of Sending and Chests of Sending and a quick recall, Sacred Journey or use of a Transport Crystal Ball (First Year Yet Reward) will get you to the bank easy enough. It seems that the bank at home system would further deplete the social construct of the game.

    Oh and I always ask this of people who "come from another game" and "try to get us to go free to play 100% in some fashion" are you a plant from EA or Broadsword or some other gaming world and you are trying to take down UO?

    *edited to fix a grammar error
  • 1) I did't say I had a graphics issue at all, I have 3d and 2d prefer 2d. No, I had no clue we had global chat. Was oblivious to the little words coming up on the left side of my screen spamming  up half of my screen while I hunt, stock my vendors, pvp. Kind of annoying to see everyone's chatter. There a way to turn it off? Hence my suggestion of mail boxes. <span>:smile:</span> Mail box makes sure recipient gets mail and the rest of the world doesn't have to hear about it.
    As for not using 3d.. I like to browse vendors. It sucks there's 30 to a house and 3 of them have items.. Guess I HAVE to play 3d client huh???  

    2) Had no clue about parry.. Wondered what that skill was... Dex are over-powered >period< people say it a lot. Now I'm saying it on here. Must be a dexxor.. Didn't mean to impede on your feelings bro! Equality matters. Mages are practically useless now.. Don't see very many around, yet dexxors everywhere and most ex mages picked up a weapon to accommodate. Guess we will leave magery as a skill to transport people. It's slow casting with lack of skill room with 720 cap makes it hard being pure mage, even w/ parry and cap dci!    

    3) Another treasure I was clueless about.. Summoning balls and bags of sending. Who wants to waste their life dragging 60k of scrolls per 1500 to get them back to your house, I love deciding to move my house around so I have to panel drop chest that weigh 50,000 stones across an 18x18 plot and down stairs. They only work in houses man and bags and chest get stuff to bank.. what about back?? That helps the vendor but what about the buyer. ..?? As for the Ball of summoning, sure you can call your pet but what do you do if you need to get rid of it? Going to walk all the way out of Fel dungeon stable it then run back. If you can call on demand, should be able to put it away on demand.. Yeah, logging in and out to reclaim pets is fun.. just make it clickable. If you're against my ideas but you use bags of sending and summoning.. makes you a hypocrite.   

    3) You talk about my suggestions some how leaching from the game? Bro I pay for multiple accounts, I also spend most of my time online helping new players so they stay and make the game better for everyone. Just not being able to access chest and fully explain a game to players because of these restrictions sucks. Not everyone can afford 13.00 a month... I also suggested letting people work for UO time or make it earn-able in game and that's not socialism man.. It's also a 20+ year old game.. people have paid for 20 years on this game.. do the math. Wallets deserve a break from time to time. The best shard I ever played died because of imbuing.. This shard did it right tho.. they let monster spawn have higher intensity than imbued items did.. ABC didn't and vets all left cause noobs could come right in and be equals. I didn't mind it.. but others did and they quit.  If UO made this game FREE... the other free shards would die out and others would come here... Getting people to spend heavy on accessories. I own a business but know nothing about economics.

    4) Pincos? Never eaten there.. Any good??? <span>:smiley:</span>

    5) Havent gotten high seas yet or the new expansion. Catching up on stuff I don't know about.. I'll get back to you on that. Hard to play and answer questions from 100 noobs...

    6) Vendor search system.. r u kidding me.. that thing is GARBAGE.. 30% of the time I find what I need on it.
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    Calm down there Francis...

    Looks like you got all defensive and ruffled there.

    I asked questions to get a feel of what you know or didn't know as many of the things you brought up a 20 year vet would not be lost about

    That right there leads me to believe you've not played UO for 20 years and are wanting the game to be free and to me for nefarious reason even more now.

    1. And I didn't read that you had a graphic problem, I simple asked if you were using CC (Classic Client) or EC (Enhanced Client). Pinco's is a mod for Enhance. Since you come from that playstyle, it might be of some comfort to you. I play CC myself.  We actually have mailboxes in UO. The flag goes up and everything.

    2. Whoa Whoa calm down there sister...  I am neither a "parr"ior... or a mage. I was just asking if you read the post due to your comment. Thought you might gain some insight. Psst.. Hey Miss 20 year vet, you can go higher than 720 skill points. Read the Parry Balance Discussion like I asked if you did. Might open your eyes.

    3. If you have already purchase 60k in blank scroll, and drug them home, might I suggest a commodity deed box. It will allow you to put items into a deed scroll and take them out of a deed scroll in your home. Also a first year reward.

    3. repeated (seeing if I am paying attention are ya?) How in the world did you get the thought of leaching? or socialism? *shakes her head and does a double take* Wha????  You really are reading a lot into my questions and comments sister... I don't know what shard you are on, but Felucca is rather quiet. If you can't run your pet out of a Feluccan dungeon and fight another human on the way out, stay out of Felucca. (this isn't WOW or ESO or insert whatever other game you came from) UO did do exactly what you said your former NON UO SHARD didn't. They gave us good armour loot so noobs COULD compete. Though if you are really into buying things, buy a reforger? You can give your money to UO and make some nice armor with it.

    FYI you can't join these forums UNLESS you have a paying account. So ummmm....

    4. Google the word pinco's.

    5. You are answering the questions of 100 new players being new yourself? Interesting.
    Oh oh wait are you calling me a noob? for asking questions? See#1.

    6. No I am not kidding, sorry, that's all the stuff that is on the vendors on the shard you are on. It looks at every vendor unless the owner opts out. So you are saying you would rather run the world and look at all the vendors instead of just using the system? Seems like a waste of valuable gold collecting time.

    I take back my Welcome Home.
    (I feel like a picture of Andrew Dice Clay should be here....)

    *edited for a misplaced parentheses
  • Ruffled? Lol.. not at all. Sorry my words hit you a certain way. Someone browsing vendors offends you?? HAHAHA.. If I do come across a vendor house, I can't browse other items??  The system is garbage man sorry, I can search something using 20 diff phrases not find it then browsing oh look... I don't care about gold, I like to pvp.. Gotta learn to get up to par w. stuff I don't know.  I was sure I could post idea's here and not hurt someone's feelings. As for being a 20 year vet, doesn't mean I played OS Ultima Online. I started on Chessy when I was a kid, found better gaming outside so I bounced. Don't get mad I came back with some ideas from shards that were awesome. Have you ever tried anything diff?? Should.. it's fun. Like having friend is fun.. try it sometime.  Im sure you could ask a lot of new players if someone from M2S helped them with questions, obtaining items, start gold, where to find info, also I set up a vendor w/ really low prices since the cost on people's vendors are just stupid  and the Gold/$ ratio is just $#@%#% up.... Oh, Did I imply you were a noob? If I didn't say it don't imply I said it because I don't mind being blunt. I am the noob here cause shards are diff. Some things from OS came to free shards, others didn't. Sorry I don't know everything man. Been back a few weeks but playing 20 years does give me some qualifications to say hey man, should insure your items, or this is how you make things or you can find info I don't know at If I don't know something I openly admit it.. see prior message.

    Didn't know EJ's couldn't post. I pay so...

    You're welcome home to me isnt necessary, as for leaching and socialism.. You act like making something free would bring the UO world crashing to it's knees. Best shards I played didn't end of being free LOL. I bet you shake your head at a lot of things... Going to have a bad neck later in life!!    
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    I used to keep my vendors stocked all of the time, but with all the recent content, haven't had much time to do it... just too busy doing the new stuff. But I will restock when people let me know I am low.

    some people don't stock their vendors due to the high cost of vendor fees... maybe they don't have the necessary funds to keep something in stock...

    in CC, there is a bar at the top of the screen, for Chat... if you click on General & then join... most shards everyone chats in general chat... so if there is something in particular you are looking for you can just ask. And also if you have questions. There are people willing to help.

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