Establishing Sea Trade & Fishing ((Fishing Contest))

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(( So DragonStone is sending out ships to pick up goods at North Harbor and fishing boats , so for the Month of Jan. to begin a New Year and New Trades DragonStone will host a fishing contest which will go like this in 4 parts, 4 fish per fisher will be turned in, 1 dated for each week of Jan. so like the first fish must be dated within Dec 30 to Jan 9 / second fish as part of your bundle must be turned in dated between Jan 10 to Jan 16 / Third fish turned in dated between Jan 11 to Jan 16 / fourth fish dated between Jan 17 to Jan 31 The total of all 4 fish determines the weight of fish entered for contest you may turn them in week by week or all together by Feb 1 , the 4 fish must be dated as caught in those time frames not all 4 in same week and so on.l , in the event of a tie winners will roll for place, contest fish listed below

Kingfish caught in Trammel or Felucca Deep Waters with 92.2 fishing skill 1st prize 5 mil plus three 1 million check (no longer available to get)

second place 2 mil plus one 1 million check / third place 1 mil plus one 1 million check

More coming 


  • Well the waters in Catskills seem bare of rare fish is what I am told , so sad. Well to spice things up a bit if we do not get more fish listed for contest, I will accept 1 rare fish per player of any rare fish dated within this time frame, and give 1 mil per for the 3 heaviest fish caught (any rare fish except no big fish)
  • (( OCC: So Now I want those Marlins found and mounted On My Wall ! Largest Black Marlin , Largest Blue Marlin , in the case of a tie winners will roll to determine who wins the prize, Fish must be dated between Jan 15 - Feb 1 winners will be announced at the steps into the Royal City of Ter Mur Feb 2 at 8 pm est 3 mil will be given to the largest of both Marlin Types, second place will win 1 mil (in case of ties winners will Roll for prize money) so along with the King Fish who blew me heart bubbles (be sure to bring it alive (RP alive) we have 2 new types of Fish to add to the contest ))
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