I played on this shard from ‘98 to around ‘05 or so. Feeling a little nostalgic I’ve decided to make a comeback! I’ve been playing for 2 days now and I’ve seen maybe 3 people! Is there an area everyone congregates to or is this the population of the server? I see a lot of houses scattered everywhere but most vendors are empty and a lot of the signs say things like “last stocked 2016” etc. is there no house decay anymore or am I just not hanging out the right areas to see peeps? Having fun slogging thru training currently but hoping there is some activity to find later.


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    there are many of us normally on, but recently we have been doing trade runs to spawn Krampus.
     I am usually on all of the time and have vendors in luna currently but haven't had time to stock them lately. there is so much that has been occupying my thoughts lately that I just keep forgetting. If you need anything, ask in general chat.

    Lot has been keeping people busy in game. Castles and Keeps can now be converted in game into new designs. I myself converted a couple but haven't had the time to finish decoing them, due to all the awesome content this fall... that and I moved in real life kept me busy.

    I know some of the people are busy visiting with the family during the holidays too.

    Welcome back to Sonoma
    I know there will be people that can help show you what you've been missing while you have been away. If you should see me about, don't hesitate to say hello.

    Sonoma is an awesome community
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    Welcome back, Been posting to you in the other thread
    Remove Trap = Bad News
    Treasure Hunters
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