Krampus Minion Hats not medable

ZekeTerraZekeTerra Posts: 313
@Kyronix @Bleak I create some KM Hats and noticed that I got a "free" 1 LMC and I could not meditate while wearing it.  Design or bug?


  • take it to the mage guildmaster, pay 250k and it will be medable and lose the 1% lmc bonus
  • BleakBleak Posts: 143Dev
    We will look into this issue.
  • Thanks
  • to be honest I think the way it is now is actually fair to the warriors. You can always make items medable for those who want with the mage guildmaster method. However, you can not turn items that are medable by definition (not having the mage armor quality) into non-medable items that give you the respective lmc bonus.
  • It's made from cloth, so why shouldn't it be medable?
  • jaytinjaytin Posts: 417
    Anything made from cloth should be medable, that's just silly!
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