The Brit guard zone and Ambushes.

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This is getting annoying, for those of use who don't WANT to call the guards on the ambush. Also, for those doing the ambushes on a spellcaster (as opposed to a tamer or weapon-user - this issue is why I'm doing them on my tamer for this event, instead of my mage/weaver/mystic)

While the "you won't get an ambush within 25% of the departing city" helps a little, the Brit GZ extends 40-50% of the way to Skara. Plus, it doesn't fix anything if the DESTINATION is Britain.

The pic is from 30 or so minutes ago, on a run from Yew to Britain (going through the Skara/Yew/Brit pass - the only one where you can stay on the road the whole way if you want) I was WELL within the Brit Guard Zone when hit with an ambush - and seconds after the attack hit, the attackers were killed by the guards. I ENTERED the GZ barely HALF-way through the mountain, and was over half-way from the GZ edge to the Trade rep, by this point. This is what my character Mylene (Governor of Britain on LA) was trying to ask about back at the October Q&A session. And, I've had ambushes happen as far east as the intersection you can see in the radar map to the east of my position in the screencap.


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    The brit farms are popular for spawns.

    They are in guardzone.
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    I thought they said they were fixing this, the Brit Guard Zone was the one specifically mentioned at the Meet and Greet!?  :/
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    Yep, and at the meeting, they didn't seem then to realized what I was describing - so it surprised me that they mentioned a fix for the publish (that doesn't seem to have helped).

    The Britain Guard zone, on most shards, ends at reasonable spots at the North and East sides of town. BUT....

    On the South side, it goes from coast to mountainside at about 25 Degrees South. That's most of the way to the Moongate. 

    To the West, it extends INTO the mountains, to about 13 to 15 degrees West - the farms are entirely in the GZ on the SW side, and the GZ doesn't end until you are about HALF WAY THROUGH the pass that the Britain/Skara road runs through.

    I've personally encountered ambushes repeatedly (regular, last year's cultists, and this year's krampus event) at 11 degrees South, 5 degrees West (the Intersection between Sosarian Steeds and the farms). Also, multiples at around 15 Degrees South, 2 Degrees EAST (the road that splits off to go to the south side of Sosarian Steeds from the Britain/Trinsic road). And, at multiple locations to the west of a diagonal line draw between those two points. In all those cases, closer to WBB than to the moongate or the edges of the GZ.

    And, while I have my own reasons to be concerned (I've done several hundred trade orders, and try to collect the signs), I'm also the Governor of Britain, and I've had other citizens complain to ME.
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    That huge guard zone was a major pain last year during the anniversary story arc, for mages in particular it was really annoying!
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