L-Shaped Customization ?

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I know this will prob never happen. I know this affects next to no one. This is my 1st and (will be) only thread abt this. But as it’s never been addressed on official forums, it’s my duty.  ;)

Can it be made possible to customize L-Shaped homes? Sounds silly right? Please let me explain...

I own a L-shaped legacy built (from a deed) home. Home was placed in 1998, long before customization. These homes have unique footprints. It is impossible to add extra floors as the Y-axis (height) retains the peaked roof angles all the way up to max height. Effectively, this means if u place a flat Goza mat floor above you are ONLY able to walk north/south in a single tile straight line. All the gozas east/west act as if on different height levels.

Why not just place another customizable home in it’s spot? This home is on my grandfathered account which has several other 8x8 homes. These small homes are in places which may never be place again (so I’m not hogging up home spots) & in locations I love. They have been customized, one of which is 1 of the oldest homes on Atlantic (placed 1998). Another IS the oldest home placed on Asuka.

This has been on my wish list since 2003. I would <3 LOVE <3 to play with the customization tools on this L-Shape. This is my main home & have been able to do nothing for 15 yrs. I’ve seen all the threads & pics where folks have built incredibly beautiful homes for years. I’ve read the threads concerning castle/keep customization. I quietly watched new castle/keep designs be created. I have NO castles or keeps or even towers. My grandfathered homes are insignificant by comparison. 

I just wanted to ask if customization may be looked at again for the long neglected L-Shapes. Thanks for your time and consideration.
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