A tentative suggestion?

Maybe a bit controversial, something somewhat foreign to my usual postings, but here goes.

Break the strangle hold pvpers have on power scrolls. Put them in treasure maps?

Only Felucca level 6 and 7 maps, and only 110s and 115s. 


  • I'm with you on this one Petra. My personal opinion is that Fel maps include 120 level and there should also be Tram maps that would include 110 and 115. I think this would balance things out nicely.
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    Flameproof @Petra_Fyde  
  • Oh I strongly agree on this one.    I am sick and tired of Major pvp  groups running the Scrolls.  They have priced the sales of these for years and its got to end.
  • absolutely disagree, in fact even more content should be fel only and tied to specific locations in fel.
    Even on an all fel ruleset shard like Siege Perilous tmaps are one of the safest farming methods simply because of the random spawn locations. It's even worse with instanced or semi instanced encounters which create safe zones for PvM that simply shouldn't exist on Siege...
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    I'm not suggesting taking them out of Fel, far from it. And I'm not suggesting 120s, treasure hunters would have to bind them to get to 120s - but champ hunting, especially on shards such as Atlantic, it's not a 'Risk' of getting raided, it's a racing certainty. I'm not sure how they do it, they used to use 'ghost cams', but be sure if you start a spawn in lost lands, the pvp guilds know about it.
    You'd still be at risk digging maps, but they'd have find you first.
  • the risk for tmaps is about 0...
  • With respect Max I have to disagree. Anyone who does t maps on prodo shards in Fel know that there's a likelihood of getting raided. It's Fel. And if something like what Petra is suggesting goes live then that chance will certainly increase as every raider will now know there are easy targets out there digging up scrolls for them.

    I can see it now... experienced PvP groups lying in wait till the chest is done then ganking the poor lil treasure hunter.... *sobs*
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    the risk for tmaps is about 0...

    If PvP is as popular as some of you claim.  This would be a False statement.
  • Agree! I think more about new and returning players that cant even find a 110 anywhere. This would help some. I never understodd this forcing of ppl to play in Fel for anything. Its to cater for a few and let down the new poor and ill skilled and equipped players, that could be our future if they got a chance to advance in UO instead of going somewhere else. And people with another mindset than it takes to kill players.
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    lol Petra. :D

    I can't really go for this, for quite a few reasons.

    Regarding treasure maps, they already have quite enough in? Especially the really high end armour content? I don't think you could cram much more into a treasure chest. Pinks, blues, minor arties, recipe's, the best high end itemised armour, imbue reagents etc?

    I'm going to match your powerscroll logic, with my cameo logic. I have no cameo's, I'd probably love to have them, and many other artifacts/items unique to Trammel, but I cannot go there and break the stranglehold PvMers have in Trammel. Put all the Trammel only items to be available in Felucca to be equal. ?

    Don't you think all the too free and easy and way too powerful content in Trammel is harming the game? Players get bored in seconds, stuff is too easy to get, and it just becomes a pvm grind.

    To be fair, I'm less bothered about this than I was, I'm playing less, work is really busy for me, I'm pvping less, I enjoy Siege so I'm fine just chilling there - what you do on production and Trammel, doesn't bother me so much anymore. I can agree with Max, re too much instanced stuff on Siege.

    Like I say, I'm not really that bothered anymore, I've given up trying to fix Europa, my heart isn't in it. Good luck with this thread. ;)

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    I did say it was a tentative suggestion, and I'm not advocating a scroll in every box. If implemented I would replace the 'chance of a pink' in 6s and 7s with a 'chance of a 110', and just as a chest has a chance of a map, that has a chance of a bump to the next level, the chance of a 110 would have a chance of a 115.  Champ spawns give a guaranteed 6 scrolls, 12 with protection, plus 105s and pinks.  a Fel level 6 or 7 would have 'chance' of a scroll, not every box would have one and 115s would be as rare as fel 7s. Only a few level 7 maps spawn, and of that few only a percentage are Fel 7s. 
    It wouldn't give a guarantee of a scroll, merely the hope of one.

    By the way, I don't have any cameos either, they're not as easy to come by as you seem to think, and, with respect, players that are bored in seconds show a lack of imagination. Too much focus on 'stuff' instead of enjoying the activity for its own sake.

    Also, speaking from experience rather than theory, it is perfectly possible to get pk'd on a treasure map in Fel - I have been, several times, also abandoned a chest for a pk to loot to avoid the death.

    Now I've made the suggestion, and clarified a bit. I'm done. It either happens or it doesn't. I feel no need to explain further nor to defend the idea. 
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    I just want to add that the main reason I enjoy Fel maps is that I can get the SoTs from them far easier than farming spawns... and I enjoy the act of treasure hunting more than grinding spawns for the faint hope of an SoT (because 9.8 times out of 10 I don't get a single scroll drop from working the spawn itself)

    So if they for some reason actually do add powerscrolls... maybe make it alongside the chance for an SoT? Like, one or the other will spawn instead of flat out removing SoTs from the loot table?
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