Pricing of the new hairstyles needs to be reconsidered

The hairstyle tokens cost $8.00 from the Ultima store. The more I think about this, the more crazy it seems to me. We're talking about $8 for a single hairstyle for a single character. And if you want to change to something else later down the road, as far as I can tell you don't get to keep the hairstyle you paid $8 for - it's gone forever, along with that $8. What if I activated a new hairstyle and wanted to change to something else later down the road? I would be incentivized against doing that because I don't get to retain the hair I paid $8 for.

In my humble opinion, a better way of distributing these would be to offer them as a kind of booster pack - you pay $8 and your account is permitted to buy the hairstyles from a hair stylist NPC as often as you like. I could definitely see myself buying that for most of the accounts I use regularly. Second to that, if these hairstyles cannot be preserved or kept beyond their initial activation, then the price needs to be brought down to like $0.50, maybe $1.00 tops. Some of the hairstyles look cool but I wouldn't pay a cent over $1.00 for any of them.


  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,508
    I thought they would be $4 or $5 for them.
    (I would have been ok with asking the hubby to getting some tokens)
    I was so excited for several of the hair styles...

    I was shocked they were $8
    but thankful they didn't make it the same cost of the mounts
    however as much as I like the new hairdos...
    the only way I could get one is to not pay my account...
    so I'm guessing my chars will have to wait til next year
  • DerajDeraj Posts: 82
    Honestly even $4 is too much in my opinion, because you can't keep the hairstyle if you change to something else. I mean, I don't change my characters' hair styles very often, but I'd hate to think I'm stuck with a fancy hairstyle because I don't want to lose the $$ value that I paid.
  • TanagerTanager Posts: 634
    There are always folks who have more RL $$ than time or patience to farm gold in the game. These people are happy to buy things from the store and sell to players in-game for in-game gold/items. I don't understand the recent trend of making items account bound so that we can't purchase them from other players. The items get paid for with RL $$ either way, so why limit the options? I am reluctant to pay $8 for a single-use pixel hairdo, but paying with gold to some one in game would be a different matter. 

    There are other items in the store that have limited charges, and once used up they are simply gone. The hair color dyes are one example, whether you get it from the store or Melisande - it is a single use. I have known folks who paid millions for glacial hair dye, and then they are either stuck with that color or they are out the gold that they spent on it. I consider the new hairstyles to be the same concept. The price seems a bit steep but I don't feel the urge to change my char's hair often.

    And I am sooooooo glad that the styles are more or less the same look in BOTH clients. My favorite EC hair style is the long wavy one, but I can't bring myself to ever use it cuz I know the CC folks are seeing an afro. Nothin against the 'fro, but it is not the look I am going for.
  • DerajDeraj Posts: 82
    To be honest, I'm okay with the concept of one-use purchases, like hair dyes or perhaps even in this case hair styles, but if they are going to be that way then the price should factor that in. The old phrase "nickel and dime" applies here (though I'm not suggesting that for a literal price) because items like these, such as dyes and hairstyles, should be adapted towards being changed regularly. In other words, the ideal is that rather than make a one-time $8 purchase for a "special" hair style, players make lots of purchases for multiple characters or the same characters and can feel more incentivized to change those hairstyles freely without having to have a debate in their mind whether the pixels are worth the $8.
  • To be honest you all asked for this....    Every time one of you askes for a special this or that and offer to pay..... You just offered your wallet.  People wanted EJ.... oh you asked for EA to dig deep into it!  The Store is the forbidden candy store with all the sweet juicy items you dream about.  Sucker..... 
  • DerajDeraj Posts: 82
    lol What are you even blabbering about. I don't have an issue with these items being sold in the store, I just think than a store item that is one-use and cannot be retained should have a lower price.
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