Friday Night Hunt, November 16th

This week's Friday Night Hunt is proudly sponsored by the makers of Ny-Quil

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Yep, I left my money in Las Vegas and brought home a cold so this week's Friday Night Hunt could prove very interesting...Be afraid. :)

We will meet at Yew Gate Trammel at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time and head off for a fun filled night of seeing how many death robes we can accumulate!

I have a couple of ideas in mind so we'll see how well they play with the Ny-Quil. 

Everyone should at least be sure you have done the quest to gain entrance into Bedlam. You can find information on the quest here: You do NOT need to complete the entire quest. Just make sure you get to the point where you can get into Bedlam.

See you all Friday Night!!!
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