Candle Issues

DerajDeraj Posts: 82
This is a small thing I realize, but it's annoyed me for so long I feel compelled to post about it.

There seem to be two issues with the candle that all new characters start with. The first is that it cannot be equipped when not lit (if you drag the unlit candle over the paper doll, the unlit candle will appear in the hand as if it can be equipped, but will then pop back into the backpack). The second issue has to do with the candle falling to the ground. What seems to be happening is that the candle was maybe designed to extinguish when inside of the backpack; for example, if you place a lit candle in your backpack, it will extinguish and fall to the ground. If the candle is in your backpack and lit, and you double click it, it will extinguish and fall to the ground. It's the falling to the ground bit that isn't supposed to be happening.

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