Any recruiting guild ?

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Hi !
I am new on this forum. In game, i now look for a preferably pvm guild. I am from France and a french guild would be better... I have played UO in 2014 for 10 months and now i'm back on Europa. I'm not play as 'endless journey' and i have build on house near MakotoJima.
I am looking for a guild in order to noot feel so alone when i play !

Thanks a lot if some guild still recruit on Europa.
One more thing, i'm not very fan of pvp play...

see you soon, i hope :)


  • BerekBerek Posts: 3
    well... il seems i'll continue playing alone for a long long long time... :(
  • jaytinjaytin Posts: 417
    @Berek There is a meeting every evening at Britain West Bank to help new and returning players It's at 6 pm UK time/7 pm CET. There are not that many active guilds around now so you might be better to get to know people a bit as established guilds tend to only recruit people they know quite well. 
  • BerekBerek Posts: 3
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    Thanks Jaytin for your answer.
    I surely imagine that no many people play UO now. So if i stay here and assume to play alone since i find a guild, it's surely a clue that i love this game !
    So, i will continue to haunt lands and lands since i find some people and have a good feeling with them !
    I would try to go to Britain too !
  • Hang in there Berek, you will find something when you know more people and they know you. The bank meet Is a good option .
  • Hi Berek and everyone else for that matter. I've been busy in life and returning again to this wonderful world. Im also looking for a guild since the old guild i was in is long gone so i feel kind of lonely atm. But there is alot to catch up an relearn for me so i'm busy still. See you at brit bank.
  • DexxahDexxah Posts: 24
     oOo Borrowing the thread oOo

    Looking for a PvM guild
    Returned to UO Europa early january 2019
    Subbed two of my three accs.
    Atm running alone in random dungeons/keeps same time as training inscription and doing bod runs
    Mainchars: Dexxer and an inscribemage (sorry dont know anything about current templates)
    I bought all expansions that I've missed since 2003
    I got Discord for voicecom Dexxah#7719 atm idling in the UO Europa (RP) channel
    Also got my old ICQ number working #5902971
    Live in Sweden, so i play CET after work

    Any tips will be greatly appreciated

  • LargeLarge Posts: 14
    i'm also looking for a guild as i like to company and compardrey to roam the lands with.
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