News from the Samhain Festival

Monday Oct 29th was the 10th annual Samhain Festival in Yew.
The evening began with a costume contest, top prize winners were "Little Red Riding Hood", "Princess Leia", "Aladdin". Congratulations to those winners who in addition to an engraved mask won cash prizes. 
There was holiday themed trivia at 250,000 gold per question and the night ended with a drop house. 
The house was filled with an assortment of tamed and released nasties and a lovely but deadly assortment of monsters done by PEC Raine. 

There was an assortment of stuff in Miasma chest to dig and loot through and hidden in there were 15 higher end pieces that you had to present a book to claim.
Killroth won a Doom table and a Dye
Michele won a Serpent's jawbone
Nobody won a Huntmaster's Harvesters set
Nightwind won a Skeletal cat, Cleanup dye choice, and doom table
Princess won an Abyssal Dye
Witchy won a raised garden bed  and bless deed
Aridas won a tree stump deed
Bowtruckles won a Nexus deed, 5 use forged metal artifact, Thief Kit including power scrolls, alacrity scrolls, tools of the trade etc, and a +25 Stat scroll. 

Death robes abounded seem those "ankle biters" really took a toll. We'd like to thank EVERYONE and there were many who donated time, money and items, all those who helped resurrect the dead. Those who planned the event and of course PEC Raine who helped us gift so many lovely gray robes.

We'll see you all again Next year!
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