Pub 103 Combat Update Feedback

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Feedback for the Combat Update:

  • Magic fish pies no longer soak player vs player damage.
  • The weapon hit property splintering no longer triggers on Disarm, Infectious Strike, or Injected Strike.
    • On a successful hit, the player victim will now have immunity to the splintering bleed effect for 16 seconds. Any additional hits will still slow the victim.
  • Discordance Rework (PvP Only). There is no change in how Discordance works versus non-players.
    • Bards can now use Discordance on player targets. This rework only allows Bards to remove all item skill bonuses from a target player.
      • Discordance will last up to 4 seconds or 6 seconds if the Bard is Focused Spec on players.
      • A Bard can only discord one player target at a time.
      • Discord will also be removed when:
        • The target is dead.
        • The bard is dead.
        • The target is out of range.
        • The target is hidden.
        • The bard is hidden.

Playtest Questions:
  1. How does the new splintering update affect dexer templates?
  2. What effect will discordance have on the current meta?

General PvP Questions:
  1. Do you feel that the current meta is balanced 1 versus 1?
  2. What templates do you feel currently are viable in a team setting and why?
  3. Which templates do you feel provide the most burst damage to a target 1 v 1 on average and why?
  4. Do you feel that the Parry skill is balanced in 1 versus 1 fights and why?


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    I still have a hard time understanding why the discord addition to pvp.

    I did see any parry and the like discussions were removed.  I'm sure we'd all be curious to hear why.  While splinter has always been overpowered, the call has been players are too defensive in their use of parry and evasion making for tough kills.  The only debuff to them now is the removal of fire pies.

    Play-test Questions:
    1. How does the new splintering update affect dexer templates?
    I don't believe it does, i think it is a good change.  There haven't been a lot of poison dexers, more poison splintering mages.  The immunity to just the bleed portion is a strange one that we'll need to see play out.
    1. What effect will discordance have on the current meta?

    I don't think it will have any.  This is a touchy subject.  I believe it won't be used because the timer is so low in one hand, and if the timer was any higher it would just be horribly overpowered.  I think by taking action against +skill items you will just irritate the player base.  +skill items make templates have variety, and make many new combinations.  Forcing players to review that and potentially not use them would water down the environment and make things much much more boring than it already is.  I think what you may see is a bard dexer spamming discord on a player, knocking their captain johns hat or cuffs off and just wailing on them.  I just personally do not agree with this one at all.  I don't believe we should touch or diminish +skill usage. 

    1. Do you feel that the current meta is balanced 1 versus 1?

    1v1 I believe is pretty damn balanced with the exception that it is too hard to kill each other much of the time.  A lot of that is Parry/Evasion related, and other small things like remove curse being fast, protection-cleansing winds being untouchable, etc.  The trouble is touching parry hurts team usage.

    1. What templates do you feel currently are viable in a team setting and why?

    You almost need something with bushido/parry.  Mainly because if the other team has it, you should have it too.  Outside of that team pvp is where template variety shines, dexers have a large usage, archers can be effective, mages do their thing and in large varieties, necros, mystics, hybrids, spellweavers you name it.  Dexer wise, you don't see many 1 tile dexers that aren't parry-evasion.  I think many users annoyance is just the heavy usage of bushido/parry because it is an effective means to defense and survivability with 1-handed parry, evasion (basically 6 seconds evade almost everything, 14 seconds not, then use your apples/pots/etc in ur evasion down timer).

    1. Which templates do you feel provide the most burst damage to a target 1 v 1 on average and why?

    Anything with high burst damage involves a mage, but huge burst damage requires slow casting-hard hitting spells and those aren’t as simple to get off in a 1v1.  Many tank mage varieties and mystics offer the most burst, and a necro can as well with the right combinations.  But as i already said in previous comment, i think 1v1 is pretty well balanced now with the removal of fish pies.  Parry causes 1v1 dexer vs dexer or dexer vs parry mage, or parry vs archer to be a bit unbalanced however.  I think mages in all varieties including mystics, hybrids, necros, etc are all in a good place when it comes to this.  Archers can be as well because of their ranged output, just parry diminishes them alot.  It's 1 tile dexers that have trouble creating alot of burst because they have to depend on splintering or para shot, nerve strike, etc to be able to chain multiple hits together.  Staying right on top of someone is difficult.

    1. Do you feel that the Parry skill is balanced in 1 versus 1 fights and why?

    1v1?  No, not really.  I think 2 parry characters or 2 evasion characters going at each other is horrendous.  But again, feels almost necessary in group pvp.  I don’t know how you can pick which one makes the most sense to balance around.  I thought reducing parry effectiveness by some % across the board was a fair solution to that and increasing the time to evade timer, or allowing more player damage to get through evade.

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    Playtest Questions:

    # 1 - It effects their interrupts (over-time)  It's a small 'nerf' the problem is, these templates aren't being played without Magery or Archery to begin with.  add ranged (spell or weapon) and they are made viable.

    # 2 - It'll just be a group situation...   currently you run into a group of evade-mages, typically one out of the group will have the ability to use Corpse Skin from Necromancy.  basically,  people might add a discorder to the group for a similar effect because most evade-mages have atleast 60-80+ skll bonus from items, which would likely drop their parry chances.    5 seconds isn't long enough for a Solo-player to really gain much of an advantage though, this is why it'll end up being group-only and therefor shouldn't be added. 

    General PvP Questions:

    # 1 The meta is balanced, because the meta is Evade-Mages.  everything else is noticeably weaker Offensively, while the only thing that has comparable Defense is 4/6 chivalry which severely lacks offense in one vs one fights.

    # 2 -  1 Necromancer (for corpse skin & Evil Omen only) any amount of Evade-mages for amazing burst damage & utility.. perhaps an archer for an easier more accessible dismount at range.

    # 3 - Evasion Mages or Tank-Mages because of the ability to stack spells with a weapon hit to effectively have all the damage be done at once.  (no one wants this ability removed or changed, that I know of anyway)

    # 4 -  Parry balanced one vs one?    It highly depends on what templates tbh.
     as if a Parry Dexer vs a Parry Dexer?  sure, that's balanced.. their offense & Defense = same.

    Parry Mage vs Parry Mage? yes.

    Parry Dexer vs Parry Mage?  absolutely not.  the mage doesn't miss with their offense, and since the mage doesn't get hit (due to parry + normal dodge chance) it means the mages offense is much less likely to be stopped.

    Running away on the part of the dexer is essential because if they were in a situation where that's not possible, the dexer has an incredibly low chance of survival.

    a lot of those questions are hard to answer because of how vague and open they are.  Hope this helps though.

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  • General PvP
    1.  The current meta is basically magery plus parry.  Whether they run it with bushido or wrestle and shield bash.  Other templates like DP nerve strike/ deathstrike and 4/6 bushido nerve strike/ weaving.  That's about the only viable options in which case the magery plus parry will win majority of fights.  the 4/6 template has survivablitity but low chance of success to kill 1v1.  The DP deathstriker has to get incredibly lucky with rng to have a chance 1v1.  So to answer this question its NO, due to everything tips in favor of any form of parry mages.  

    2. This is tougher to answer due to what constitutes a team, is it 3, 6, 10, 20, 30?  Is the other team equal to them or less?  If its 25v 6 then the team with more people can play anything they want just about.  I feel in teams mages get the top notch position which they always have, but things like necro, weaving, ability to dismount via any weapon class, disarm, and all come in to play with a good team setup.  As far as team pvp goes its not that bad cept for maybe the evasion mages, they can have high burst damage and tough to take down due to damage mitigation.  But as I said it also matters on size of teams and where the fight is taking place.

    3. This is easy one, the tank mages have the highest potential burst damage.  Its either nerve strike mages or mages with AI weapons or bows.  Nothing else comes close.

    4. This is another one where is it parry mage versus parry dexxer? Or parry mage vs parry mage?  Obviously the parry mage will always have the upper hand vs a parry dexxer.  The parry mage vs parry mage depends on other skills used.  Probably be tougher for a straight wrestle parry mage to beat a bushido parry mage due to evasion.  In terms of parry plus ranged (magery) and parry 1-tiler its not even close to being balanced.  

    On a side note, a lot of these issues can to be due to power creep of global loot and things like non medable 55 lmc suits with refined higher resists.   Setting up super high stat suits in combination with higher resists versus damage being done and the high skill bonus of items is almost to oeasy nowadays.  This is causing a good amount of the imbalances we see today.  Before if you wanted to play a Nerve mage you couldn't fit both resist spells and parry, now its easy when you can add an entire extra skill.  I would like to see the lmc bonuses either come down or go away, it just isn't needed anymore with todays gear.
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    Taking away lmc bonuses just makes everyone use med gear.  At least now there's some choice.  Though in a future installment I would love to see an item that removes refinements from a piece of armor.  A non med suit at 40 lmc and not on a mystic would be dreadful. 

    One other note on burst damage.  Yes it is highly variable, though the best burst damages today pale in comparison to burst damage of old.  

    Parry is so hard tbh.  The previous example of a parry dexer vs a parry mage, I agree the mage probably wins the majority by far.  But a no parry dexer vs a no parry mage?  I think the dexer wins the majority.  And a Bushido dexer vs a Bushido mage is almost a statement without some good or bad rng one way or the other.  

    Like minded player/skill sets in all cases.

    I would dlike to see parry reduced in a slight way, to reduce it's effectiveness without diminishing it's usefulness.  Without a modification to parry and evasion I don't think any changes here meet any goals of players besides the fish pie removal and a long requested modification to splinter.

    I don't think debuffing it by 5 or 10% is a bad thing, even in pvm.  It's so hard to die in pvm.  That resolves some of the dexer vs parry mage connundrum.  Fixing or altering evasion alters alot of the group vs group issues.  Allot of the reason group PvP became much more popular than 1v1 is because it was so hard to kill someone 1v1 through evade, firepie, refinement.  At least refinements had the dci Lessing debuff
  • The problem is the 5 dci loss versus having 75 fire and 15 more lmc is not a loss.  Its a huge benefit cause no one is doing that on a non parry character.  That's why I suggest if they add a refinement to raise resist it should negate the lmc bonus, that would be a fair trade off.
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    Here is a random thought

    Archers have a special move on the elven composit bow that can debuff a players defense chance, does good damage, and can interrupt a mage in protection.

    What if a special move that isn't widely used was given the same ability?  Say crushing blow for indtsnce, what if crushing did that?  You'd open up a good alternative for dexers to combat parry mages, and another option to deal with a mage in protection .

    All the sudden it wouldn't just be so much reliance on nerve strike and armor ignore, another special would become very useful that isn't very used

    Either it debuffs dci or debuffs parry chance.  Either way I think I love that idea lol, when I play my archer that is the the go to move, maybe all dexers should have.  It checks a lot of boxes and puts the power in the players hands to deal with it.  And really it wouldn't be that effective in group fights, but very effective 1v1.

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    Cetric said:
    Taking away lmc bonuses just makes everyone use med gear.  At least now there's some choice.  Though in a future installment I would love to see an item that removes refinements from a piece of armor.

    At least refinements had the dci Lessing debuff

      Making everyone use med-gear isn't that bad of a thing because you also would lose refinements.

     Taking away the LMC bonus to only items that are Refined, would actually balance it pretty damn good, gotta be the best idea I've heard yet with regard to defense distribution.  

     Right now you go high defense vs Weapons (DCI  Parry) & High defense vs Spells (Resistances)
     No one refines for higher DCI because DCI doesn't give you ANY protection against Spells, and mages since they can't miss, will destroy you if you have a lower resistance cap.

     The problem is the DCI penalty via refinements is countered and exceeded by far when you add Parry to the template.   you end up mitigating more damage if you refine resistances up when you have parry.than you do without refinements from both casters & non-casters.

     I definitely agree with adding a method to remove refinements... I've suggested removing the restriction on Add/Remove "Mage Armor" (since medible items can't be refined) would just allow people to remove refinements by adding Mage Armor to the item again... It's a win win + gold-sink. 

    Two stones with one bird... as they say o:)

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    Perhaps refinements should be changed to +1 resist, -2 dci.  I'd rather not screw with lmc, a non med suit doesn't Regen Mana for anything.  TBH im fine with the idea as long as u cans till do 55lmc if not refined, and have that ability to remove refinements.

    Pretty good step in the direction of making people die easier.

    Yea i like the idea of just going back to the npc and adding mage armor, wipes refinements.  want refinements or non lmc again, remove mage armor again.  all at 250k a turn.

    Very good idea.  If it was implemented without the ability to remove refinements, i would hate it lol.
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    @Kyronix i think theres a few worth while ideas here that would accomplish some goals

    The Force Arrow special added to something like crushing

    The ability to add/remove refinements/mage armor. 

    The option of a 3rd addition to the armor scale:

    1. 40lmc medable
    2. 55lmc non medable
    3. 40lmc non medable refined

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    Man.... Gotta say I'm really sorry big fan of that.  I dunno how many people would run refined 40lmc non med suits, but if they did their Mana would be awful.  Maybe on a mystic it'd be ok.  But seeing both refinements usage go down and fire pies go away would be awesome.
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    @The_Higgs_1 is the one that thought about the refinement vs inherent LMC bonus idea, I just happened to agree with it in a conversation we were having.   

    I have quite a few mage templates that run without med some even without focus in 55 LMC suits.

    I don't think it's right that you can get away without meditation because of the 55% LMC bonus, but that's also why most people do it.  I'm sure it's a major culprit as "forced" group fights now though, because a non-med/refined mage (especially ones without focus) can't sustain their attacks, thus running becomes a mandatory part of the fight.   this is the kind of stuff that makes pvp boring tbh.

    Another thing I forgot to add about Splintering Weapon. (I did post it on stratics though =D)

    Add Dismount & Riding Swipe special moves that do not allow 'Splintering Weapon' to proc, then the splintering update would be pretty much as good as it gets IMO.
    Remove or change casting focus & poison immunity it reduces the need for "Player Skill" it's garbage. rant2 Bring timing back and eliminate chance in pvp!
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    That would be my biggest concern, is people might keep refinements, run 40lmc and just run away when Mana is blown quickly.

    Oh right... Why in the world was dismount left off.
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    What’s wrong with splintering on dismount? I’ve never found it an issue, you’re already not going anywhere fast. Plus if you’re playing CC, it’s the only way you can catch up with people on EC, considering they can practically outrun you on foot already. 

    As for lower mana cost armour, it would be fair if every player was aware of the lower mana cost bonus of studded/bone/hide, rather than just us elites who’ve been playing for 20 years. 
    I tell you the truth, tis better to do 10 damage on the right target than 100 damage on the wrong target.

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    The problem with refinements is that giving up 5 DCI to get 75 fire resist is not a noticeable penalty. Losing 5 DCI does not mean you get hit 5% more.  I believe if the attacker has 45 HCI and the defender has 40 DCI, then the chance to hit is 51%. So they only get hit 1 more time out of 100 swings.

    On the other hand having 75 fire resist is a huge benefit, especially against big spells such as explosion and flamestrike. 
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    I don't like the discord thing. Seems a bit harsh and it might reduce template diversity. It should at least be resistable. Maybe skill bonuses should be cut in half and not completely removed. 
  • MervynMervyn Posts: 2,208
    If you can’t kill a bard with you having only 720 skill points, I suggest you go bak to Skool
    I tell you the truth, tis better to do 10 damage on the right target than 100 damage on the wrong target.

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    Does anyone remember when pvp was fun? Before poisoning got dumb? When almost every combination of template could be viable in the right hands?

    -If you are going to keep poisoning so absurdly strong, can we at least get a cooldown in between lethal doses? Id like to be able to play the game for 10 seconds in between cures.
  • Feedback on targetting---LOVE the ignore friendlies and pets, etc. when using select nearest mobile-attack selected macro.

    BUT, with that said, prior to patch we could hit the macro and it would automatically put us in war mode and attack.  Now we have to manually go into war, then attack with macros.   Can that be remedied without losing what we have gained?
  • And even tho open newest corpse is unchecked, it still does it
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    Playtest Questions:

    • 1. How does the new splintering update affect dexer templates?not alot  The immunity to just the bleed should be for all for 10 15 sec and make healing heal with the bleed.
    • 2. What effect will discordance have on the current meta?am not sure maybe its going to be a flop or a broken thinks that destroy all the hybrids.

    General PvP Questions:
    • 1.Do you feel that the current meta is balanced 1 versus 1?yes and no ,buk bush mage ave high def and attack,4/6 remove curse too fast and if he ave parry and bushido no point fighting them 1vs1.archer are good but its really hard to kill anyone with parry and most of the time you get out of mana before.1 tiles dexxer cant kill anyone with parry and destroys anyone without parry. tamer are useless
    • 2. What templates do you feel currently are viable in a team setting and why?buk parry mage ,because hard to kill and high damage output,4/6 chiv bushido ,because hard to kill remove curse spell plague,dp mortal.archer for the dismounth but most of the time they are the first to die mystic with protection-cleansing winds being untouchable.
    • 3.Which templates do you feel provide the most burst damage to a target 1 v 1 on average and why?buk mage ,mystic mage and necro mage. but necro and mystic need more skill and you ave more chance to fail your shot.archer or 1 tiles dexxer  vs non-parry hit hard
    • 4.Do you feel that the Parry skill is balanced in 1 versus 1 fights and why?really not balanced any char with parry are too hard to hit and if they dont ave parry they get hit everytime sometime.i think parry need to be lower the chance of parry and non parry char ave max dci cap raised
    • 5 i dont see any probleme with refine suit 55 lmc is fine ,drop dci for resist its  ok too.pie only need to change the time of the effect 
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    Bleak said:

    Playtest Questions:
    1. How does the new splintering update affect dexer templates?
    2. What effect will discordance have on the current meta?

    General PvP Questions:
    1. Do you feel that the current meta is balanced 1 versus 1?
    2. What templates do you feel currently are viable in a team setting and why?
    3. Which templates do you feel provide the most burst damage to a target 1 v 1 on average and why?
    4. Do you feel that the Parry skill is balanced in 1 versus 1 fights and why?

    Playtest questions.

    1. Not been on test, I almost never do test, don't have the time or patience, so my real feedback can only really come when it gets ingame. In theory, it has to have a small effect, both mages and dexxer victims will be able to get a spell heal, or a bandage heal in after the 1st effect, which is only fair.

    2. I don't think this Discordance change will have any effect, I think it is too minimal for anyone to actually consider using it. It would actually be nice, to see some overgimped suits take a skillpoints hit a little in battle, could really mess them up for a short time. I'd like to see the duration increased, and I don't know the range, but I'd like to see a decent range also. It will never have a 1v1 impact, but it could have a team impact which could be nice.

    General PvP questions.

    1. No I don't feel it is balanced towards 1v1. This is the territory of weapon users, mainly splintering, mortal, deathstrike, dismount templates. These guys own anywhere where they have space to run. They have huge damage output and are impossible to harm without them running off, and coming back full health.

    2. All templates are viable in a team setting, but it massively depends on the setting.

    - In an enclosed area, dungeon spawn tunnels, mages take over, fields, summons, cross healing, targeted ranged attacks, ability to hide behind fields and make time and space, not get hit, get spells off.

    - In a running 1v1, or any sort of running battle with space, the team with the most dexxers will usually win. If damaged they run out of casting range, come back, then have so many abilities to slow/hit/prevent healing, and can kill extremely fast.

    99% of battles, usually become a running battle...

    3. Dexxers with splinter, lethal poison, mortal, deathstrike, dismount. They just hit you with so much, you can't heal enough to respond. Thing is, I'm speaking as a pure mage, so a lot of this is about perspective. A parry mage would find that burst easier to deal with. But a parry mage wouldn't have the mana to actually kill that dexxer who will just run away at any sign of trouble, or pot forever.

    4. A pure mage v a parry mage, the pure will win easily, parry mage has sacrificed too many points. Any caster will beat a parry mage. Most pure casters will beat a bushido parry mage also, as they have sacrificed a ton of points into parry/evasion/confidence/shield bash, these are easy templates to beat.

    It gets harder when they weaponise, turn into dexxers, and suddenly have bokuto's with nerve strike or use shield bash also - at that point, its the fact they can stop you, and get in some free hits that can kill you. Basically anything that can stop you, can kill you, dismount, shield bash, nerve strike, splinter (slows), deathstrike (don't dare to run) - wrestle special never seems to work anymore. The point is, it's dexxers who have all the stopping moves  on their weapons - and the huge burst damage - mages don't really have any stopping moves - para can always be broken by a trapped box, or resisted.

    But whilst all of the above is true, the current meta seems to be the bokuto/parry/bushido mage (for confidence/evasion/nervestrike/shield bash) - according to everyone else, I rarely have any issues with these. These are out there, because they team up very well against dexxers, or are a very well rounded team character against other mages (evasion against dumps for example). They are basically the cookie cutter team template - added to some dubious targeting measures is what makes these unstoppable.

    My personal experience, is I run into dexxers everywhere I go. Unless I'm in our guild team, and we've set up for a spawn to fight in dungeons where we can use mages.

    So my perspective is different to the dexxers, but recognisable to the mages I know, parry mages sacrifice a lot v other casters, but are a requirement v dexxers. I do feel it is balanced v dexxers.

    The problem for me maybe, is the volume of stopping moves dexxers have and the weaponised mages,(who have 2 stopping moves themselves) and the dodgy synchronised targeting. It is notable, non parry/non weapon users, are pretty much unable to slow or stop anything).

    Parry in itself - I feel is ok. It's what is combined with parry that is causing issues. But I feel parry in itself, is being used, just to survive the weapon user onslaught.

    The issues for me are;

    Dexxers with too much mana, able to chain too many specials, and instant swap weapons to use all specials.

    Mages with too much dex, able to use parry, bushido and weaponise.

  • MervynMervyn Posts: 2,208
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    When you discord a monster, the discord lasts until it’s broken by range/death etc. Why oh why does a player discord last only 4 seconds? Considering it does practically nothing anyway. 

    Also, monsters you’re able to keep in range, try keeping someone playing EC in range for 4 seconds anyway. Totally useless, but still better than nothing.
    I tell you the truth, tis better to do 10 damage on the right target than 100 damage on the wrong target.

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  • Remove parry and bushido from mages for good. Period. Asking how to balance 1v1 isn't the question that needs to be asked at the moment. Sure that's a great idea, and would be nice to accomplish. The problem right now with pvp, at least mostly on Atl, is the roving bands of bushido/parry sync dumping mages. The way to stop that immediately, is remove parry and bushido from mages, and put it back where it belongs. Dexer only. Then mages will have to learn to effectively field again while fighting. If you notice, while watching any amount of pvp on atl, that NOT ONE MAGE casts a single field while fighting anymore. It's ridiculous. It's ended fun pvp. There's no tactical fighting left now. It's a roving band of script kids sync targeting 1 person. And it's killing what used to be fun pvp. End of discussion. *mic drop*
  • I like where your head is at for what is wrong with pvp but you cant just remove both skills from mages permanently.  I would lower parry chance on mages to like 20-25% and if they have bushido, evasion doesn't work.  That would be enough to bring them back down to earth without making them pin cushions for archers/throwers.  And yes the script part of outside program syncing is a separate issue that needs to be fixed.
  • Sure you can. Can't isn't in my vocabulary. Bushido and Parry were meant to be dexer specific skills. Lack of diversity is what kills fun pvp. The more viable templates you have, the better. And mages were always meant to be squishy and overpowered. Dexers were meant to be tanky and do up close damage. It's the reason archers can't use parry. The same applies to mages. If they lose the ability to parry, they go back to 10 mages with 2 fielding and the rest sync dumping. But at least they won't be able to run in, hit one button and evade, parry everything you throw at them, and dump on 1 person and run out. Because they'll be too afraid to get mown down, like they're able to do atm. It's the best way forward. Then we balance 1v1. But mages should always have more mana and regen, and dexers should always be stronger, and do more damage. And archers become viable again, because they can't use parry/evade, and this way, mages can't just run in and kill archers with no problem, it's why archers can't pvp without double numbers at the moment. You don't see many if any archers on the field on usually. Why is that? And if you do, it's a stealth pop out archer. Just for dismounts, and usually someone's second account, that they don't even care if it dies.
  • Is there a new update coming out about parry or the combat changes?  Id like to discuss this more, just waiting on any new information?  @Bleak
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    I think rather than eliminating splinter on LP, LP itself needs to be addressed. Failing to cure with 10 potions and 4 casts is what really unbalanced it imo. There should be increased chances of curing with each failure, rather than getting rid of splinter proccing on it, which is just eliminating a few niches templates from the game. The 16 second immunity alone solved the OP factor, which was it being spammed. Most things are ok in moderation. Funny it was left on dismount though, which is much more OP than LP. Most people survive LP splinter a majority of the time, even in group fights, but a splinter dismount with more than 1 person on you? Pretty much a death sentence.

    Fish pies could have had an hour cool down and it would have been just fine.

    Parry could stand a nerf of some sort, but evasion definitely needs one, as it is the main issue in PvP today.

    Refinements seem ok as it stands, as you sacrifice DCI for it already.

    I didn't read the thread, I'm going on what I saw in patch notes, though I did see something about refinements as i scrolled down.

    *Also, I think discord would spice things up a bit, and do well to counteract the 800+ skill point suits/templates. It taking 200+ skill points to be effective in one way for a short period of time seems a reasonable balance for how devastating it can be to the right player. Hope it stays around, at least to see how it plays out. @Bleak
  • VioletViolet Posts: 372
    So how many people giving feedback here have actually tested the changes on test center?
  • My 2 cents, the problem isn't parry, the atual problem is parry + evasion on 850 skill suits, a parry mage counter a dexxer or archer, but any other mage can beat a parrymage, and any archer or dexxer can beat a mage without disarm.

    So the big problem here is mage + bushido + parry where you can counter mages and counter warriors at same time, is the same as warriors with parry+bushido+necro or mysticism.

    Maybe make parry mastery not work in chars with 50+ bushido? or make evasion need a 2h weapon to work? or lower evasion chance if magery > 50 ?
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