? on the Mining and LJ Satchels

@Kyronix any reason these aren't blessed?  Looting mobs taking it would totally ruin my day...


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    for me its really nice deco... you can't even insure it

    asked at the meet & greet with a reply of other containers not being blessed
  • The satchels themselves should have been blessed, but not their contents. However, this would probably require a new kind of "bless" to make it work properly. 

    Currently, a blessed container will retain its contents through a death, which is why they've traditionally been disallowed. Though the First Aid Belt mortally wounds their argument (ha ha!), which was already weakened by blessed/insurable quivers...

    The thing is, we need more containers like these. Specifically one for granite/sand/glass, spellbooks, canoneering, reagents, food, fish, etc. 
  • I offer my stomach for fish containing.
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    ZekeTerra said:
    @ Kyronix any reason these aren't blessed?  Looting mobs taking it would totally ruin my day...
    Generally the only containers that are blessed are spellbooks.  There are certain items that fall outside this paradigm, such as quivers and the first aid belt, but those have a restricted items list far tighter then the harvesting containers introduced in 102, hence they are not blessed.  This is also due to the issues we have encountered in the past where containers are blessed when they shouldn’t be.
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    How about blessing the bags of sending?
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    Leave me with something to loot off of you and your kin. 
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