[OCT 28, 2018] Yew Orc Fort Defense

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The Nightmare Clan of Siege Perilous will be staging a defense of the Yew Orc Fort on the 28th of October. The tentative times are between 2pm and 5pm Eastern Standard Time, but that may need to shift left or right depending on the majority of Orcs. This post will be updated in the event of a change. 

This is a knockout fight to the finish, and will end after the Orcs have either successfully defended the fort for one full hour and extracted their tribute, or until a Guild of Humans have captured the Orc Fort, and managed to escape with the loot inside of the locked down chest inside of the grunt hut.

Inside of The Grunt Hut on Siege Perilous is a box that is labelled as "The Orc Box." This box will be filled to the brim with items that hold value ranging from almost nothing, to quite a lot. After 55 minutes of defense. The Orcs will begin to extract items from that box until they have either emptied it, or have been prevented from doing so. 

We are not enforcing or expecting any rules to be followed by Humans during their assault. That said however, Orcs will be following certain rules that we hope can be reciprocated. 

Orcs will not be dry looting players attacking the fort. They will be authorized to take certain items from players that will prevent that player from immediately returning to combat upon Resurrection. Players who die inside of the fort will be dry looted by Orcs with their things placed into a Separate - individual bag that the player can collect after the battle has concluded. Our Orcish quartermaster will be seeing to the storage of these bags of loot, and all Orcs will see that the items are returned post battle. (Try to remember a key piece of your gear, or the crafter's mark in the event we mis-label something.)

Orcs will remain dismounted at all times for the duration of this fight. We fully expect mounted players to be coming at us, but this is the way we choose to defend our fort. If you see an Orc on a mount, he is probably a desperately lost Gruntee trying to find his way back to the battle. Please point him in the right direction. (This shouldn't happen, so if you clomp them, they probably deserve it.)

The event will be concluded by Orcs all shouting the words "END-EV" which either means we have lost or won. At that time, it would be good for players to cease PvP activities so we can announce the winner in the General Chat. After that has been announced, we assume PvP may continue happening for a while, but a majority of Orcs will be leaving the battle in order to regroup at our base of operations in Malas. 

We invite all players of all skill sets and templates to come out and have a good time. You don't need to be amazing at PvP to show up and cause a little bit of chaos, and that's what this event is about. It's time that SIege Perilous once again shows the rest of these Trammellites how to party like it's 1999 again. This event will also be recorded from multiple Orcish perspectives. If any Humans would like to record as well, please feel free to do so and send me the video information afterwards. 

Peepun ferward duh clompun lats sewn.

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