Friday Night Hunt - October 19th

Thanks to the generous efforts of one of our own, this week we will be heading in to the depths of the Abyss to have a little discussion the lady who defines "bad hair day" - Medusa!

The efforts of Catskills' own Count Daemon have insured that we will be able to confront Medusa and have a little chat about that hair! It's really our duty to try to befriend the poor girl and lead her onto the path of good conditioning and hot oil treatments don't you think? As to whether she will see the light and allow a nice trim and redo, or whether we shall have to kill her (or she shall kill us) remains to be seen, however.


Be ready Friday evening at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. As always we will journey forth from Yew Gate Trammel to confront the lady.

A few pointers and things to note for Friday night:

1. You WILL need Gorgon lenses which will be provided for you.
2. Pets and summons are not recommended as Medusa makes evil twin images of them and, if not killed immediately, they are way more powerful than the originals.However, that being said, if you want to bring along a pet, you will just need to make sure to kill the copy as soon as it spawns.
3. Sampires, archers and mages are good templates but, pretty much, anything with direct damage.
4. Please bring along a dagger. As gross as it sounds, we can cut scales off of her while fighting her which allow us to make more Gorgon lenses. 

Additional information can be found here:

As always, don't forget the Friday Night Hunt Discord channel. If you need the link, please ping me or check a previous thread. 

Hope to see you all Friday night!

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