An Orcish Milestone in Malas

BlargetyBlargety Posts: 66
We have officially reached the threshold of 10 huts inside of our Fort as of this evening. There are plans for two more houses to be built as well within the coming days and weeks.

 @EM Kincaid you said you missed the Orcs, well we’re popping out of the ground at the cyclic rate of fire now. We hope to see everyone at the Yew Orc Fort Defense on the 28th. A photograph tour will be posted in this thread after the newest huts have been constructed. 

Also, there is a bazaar for Orcish Wares as well. If you would like to check out our vendors use the Qwivver tile on the third floor of the hub, and you will be inside of our bazaar. We do not recommend you come outside of the bazaar without permission, or generous tribuut. 


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