EM Event : 13 October : Where am I?

EM KincaidEM Kincaid Posts: 165Event Moderator

Friends, Siegers, Countrymen.

You have enjoyed more than a year of me tirelessly providing you with events every week, and occasionally, twice a week.

You have complained bitterly about monsters appearing out of nowhere, and stealing your lunch. The observant among you will have noticed that I haven’t even taken a holiday, because I love you all so much.

But I fear that I must now break my uninterrupted streak. I have an urgent appointment this weekend that I cannot miss. And so, I cannot supervise the event.

So, what I will be doing, before I depart on my trip, is setting up teleporters to locations that you might not often visit. Some will be to pretty, scenic locations. Some will be to ghastly, death-defying locations. Some will have you hiding under your beds and refusing to ever step through a gate again! Some will have you wishing that they were a permanent fixture, and others will have you saying “why did he bother with this dumb location?”

Oh, and none of them will be labelled.

I hope you have fun – and I’ll be back to murder you all next week!

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