Housing has always been the best in UO

UO has always had the best housing, I've not seen any other game that can match UO.
Currently I'm running around on Siege being a newb, because I love UO housing.  I can build another one there.
On Siege my ping is 270ms and my packet loss is 0-5, usually, so PvP is not even remotely possible (if I had any wish to participate) but it also means big boss fights are going to be extra difficult.
Which is fine, I'm still having fun placing my little shacks and slowly doing them up.
But I was wondering...
If housing is such a drawcard for me, maybe it is for others too.
Perhaps UO could sell the ability to place another house?
Maybe start with a trial of selling an extra placement for one small house?  I'd pay $5 in EA US dollars for one, which for me, after Australian conversions and fees would be about $10.

Oh, and I do enjoy vendors, but they just cost way too much to run.  I'd gladly pay 100k to buy one, have 125 house slots used up, and then 5% commissions on sales, but the constant daily cost is no fun for setting up a little shop.  In the end vendors just become BOD-keepers.  I'd like to do more with them, that's a separate housing issue, but still one the customization options which makes UO housing so fun.
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  • DanpalDanpal Posts: 119
    Would love to place more houseing but they wont let us get a 2nd or 3rd house one one account.

    Sorry to say but if you want more houseing then you need to get a 2nd account.

    Would love if we could just have a house on each shard. That way we could have a base of operations if we want to go to other shards. One reason i only play on my home shard. Own a 18x18 and a castle on alt. And wont give any one of them up to place on a diffent shard and dont feel like starting a new account from scratch. No time to level up the toons.
  • XrisXris Posts: 130
    Yup love the UO housing system, by far the best of the mmos I've played. I'd prob pay a little extra for an additional house too, but not another 13$ or w/e a monthly sub is now. 
  • SkullSkull Posts: 42
    I agree, I don't really have time to level up characters, these on Siege won't ever need powerscrolls. But having another house would generate more things to do for me, more things to buy to decorate it and so on.
    These forums make me log in so much I feel like a lumberjack.
  • MervynMervyn Posts: 2,208
    I recently discovered a new hobby, running around trammel looking at how pretty the houses are. So many beautiful, quaint, designs, often in the middle of nowhere.

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