CC maxcro2d.txt issue with non English OS System(Windows 10)

Dear Devs (DD),
i have an issue with the build-in Classic Client macro system.
As i setup an equip last weapon with my client on a german OS, it seems that instead of the normal
values translated values are used.
During controlling my Macro Files, e.g. comparing old macro.txt with the "new" macros2d.txt i found
the following example:
Instead of "Num 2 1 1 0" you will see "2 (ZEHNERTASTATUR) 1 1 0" in the file.
ZEHNERTASTATUR is the numpad in German.
For exchanging the weapon i used "Cursor Left". This will shown in the file as
"NACH-LINKS 0 0 0" where "NACH-LINKS" stands for "TO-LEFT" (yes its: ...just a jump to the left...)
This works until the client's macro file is reloaded. Then the entry for this macro will be deleted.
 This may be a general issue while using the wrong OS System calls.
I assume you use a method with a signature like "char,log,log,log". Maybe there exist a version with long,log,log,log. The second signature is language neutral.
Well i know in this case, every macro file has to be converted. But this can be done during initial load of the file.

---End of bug report.

Additional Enhancement request:
Editing CC macros is a pain since it comes out and my eyes getting older. Even with this UTF format, you cannot edit it with a normal editor. For the CC macros it would be nice to have an better editing option. Please find another solution. Maybe a gift for next year.


  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,049
    This is a problem that has happened before. I believe it was fixed, but since the fix seems to be temporarily lost, perhaps the old solution will work for you for now. You'll find it at the bottom of this page
  • Ah well, thanks for the link Petra, but i think this translations(Zehnertastatur,NACH-LINKS) in the macro file can create troubles in the client.
    What i initially want, was the use of Arrow left key. While reloading the macro file after switching chars, the entry is lost. Maybe deleted by the client when it detects "NACH-LINKS".

    P.S: UO2 was a dream
  • I've encountered "odd" issues with my macros (I'm an American playing in America on a German OS, I use a German keyboard) and I just chalked it up to no one at Broadsword being in charge of localization.

    The state of the localization in this game is abominable.  Half of the strings are just completely untranslated and will appear in English when playing in a local language.  ANY other studio would consider this to be unacceptable.  (I should know, I'm a localization producer at another video games studio!)

    The localizations that *are* in game haven't been changed since 1997 and are in many cases hilariously wrong.  

    @Mesanna @Bleak The going rate for professional human translations is about €0.11 per word, but even crowd sourcing something from the community would be better than the absolute mess you currently have.  Any plans on cleaning this up at some point?

    @Trismegistos Unless non-English markets are monetizing particularly well for them, I don't think the state of the game is going to improve for those of us on non-US systems.  Their thinking: They obviously have a high degree of English proficiency, so why do they need it anyways? They can just switch to a US keyboard layout every time they play.  Problem solved, with no work on our part!  Hooray!  :)
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