Europa's October Events!!!! Be ready for Evil!

EM SarahEM Sarah Posts: 50Event Moderator
Hello dear friends,

here is the list of our events on October:

7th October - Winter of Evil - gather at EM Hall  8.30 PM UK time zone

27th October - Halloween of Horrors - gather at EM Hall at 8.30 PM UK time zone

28th October - Royal Council - 6.30 PM UK time zone, castle  Blackthorn

28th October - PvP Event - Last Man Standing - 8.30 PM UK Time zone, EM Hall and gates will be provided for reds at WBB Bank.

See you on Europa Shard!

Your EM Sarah


  • MervynMervyn Posts: 2,208
    edited September 2018
    Did I read correctly at the last event where the rare drop was a lantern. That the EM tried to make it so that every single player who got looting rights would receive an event drop?

    IF this was the intention of the EM, and thankfully someone higher up did not push through this intention and there were limited drops. I would like a new EM for Europa.

    I sincerely hope I misread what the EM was saying. 
    I tell you the truth, tis better to do 10 damage on the right target than 100 damage on the wrong target.

    Breaking in the young since 2002

  • EM SarahEM Sarah Posts: 50Event Moderator
    It's common use that at the end of a story arc, the last reward could have a higher drop rate. This is just to try to let everyone get a drop after many months ( in our case after 8 months of events for that story arc, I thought the last event could be a celebration for everyone, a celebration of a good story that we all enjoyed together). That was the case of only one single event of Europa. On all other events I request 15 drops. So don't worry Mervyn, I hope you will enjoy next EM events, working on some very good ideas for rewards right now!
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