Melee PvP builds

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Since I've been back I've tried my mage for pvp, but just didn't find it as fun. Are there any good dexxer builds other than nox/death strike templates? Is lumberjacking still viable? Looking for something that is good for 1v1, not a group fight.

Appreciate any Temps you can suggest and why.


  • XrisXris Posts: 130
    Could still use some input. Thanks
  • Good luck trying to find one that's viable.  Mages and archer/throwers are miles in front of melee templates in pvp, its completely unbalanced.   Best you could probably play is a bushido parry swords/macer template, but even with that good luck catching anyone if they run and heal.
  • not a full melee template but disarm archer works ok for me. disarm them, hit them with other specials and when they run switch to moving shot to get the kill.
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    Along this topic, hoping someone can catch me up. A while ago, a player with good pvp skills recommended for me to build a magery / poisoner character. He also plays on Atlantic and mentioned that the pvp templates that "ruled the roost" in general were: magery and-or mysticism + disarm + dp poisoning builds. That was about 3 years ago or so.

    Poison is a difficult skill to GM, but now I'm thinking it's been nerfed or no? For example, if my character drinks a dp poison potion, it does 3-4 dmg / sec, which is paltry, though it's fine against npc monsters in the game.

    Have they made unfavorable changes to poisoning in melee? Specifically the dp poisoner. Is that build a thing of the past now?
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    No, lots of melee use poison. It scales to highest poison level if you have 120 weap skill +80 poison. It's actually only really valuable to melee. Even at close range, mage poison isn't reliable to always apply highest poison level (very unreliable when I tried a month ago). Lots of mages use fencing to apply their poison. Overall, the skill is less useful than before, but can still be good on certain Temps. 
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