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  • The TC crashing was related to the tool , so the crashing was as bad out on the shards. I had as much trouble on Europa as on TC. It was insane. 
    I also have the answer to where the phoenix fella went. To a new game hes beta testing . He also happened to have a tree in his courtyard  and that was the final straw. He gave me the task to distribute his belongingss among the helpers of new and returning players on Europa. The WBB banksitting group . The hardest working of us all, Gauge, now has a castle with a tree in the courtyard. So he was  a good guy, We will remember that if..or when.he returns!

    My first castle was south of Trinsic a few screens and I had a tree in my court yard. I wonder if it's the same spot? I sold it for the price of placing it when I got a new one. Legends is a really cool place with cool people. I can be "difficult" (lol) here at times, but if you ever want a friendly awesome shard check us out. A place where even I am friendly for the mosy part *grin*.

    Really sorry to hear we are losing accounts over the castle issues. But I understand. I wish I could quit this game, but I can't *sigh*. Not yet anyway. But at the same time I won't be real motivated to buy toys from the UO store. Wait till they find out they won't be getting that 10 bucks a year! They'll be sorry lol
    Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies
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