No More Global Events in September?

Unless I'm really misreading the publish notes, it seems as though last year was the last global ground-level non-dungeon event for UO.  Does this mean that all we have to look forward to in the future for new content is the "dungeon crawl" and Halloween-themed activities in October and November?   No more fighting bad guys in various places around the land during the month of September?  The only event left now where we need to team up to accomplish something together is the artisan festival?  I'm not trying to downplay the Khaldun stuff, but it really seems like it's just an "every man for himself" type of event.    I am going to miss stuff like the ophidian invasion where it seemed like we had to work together on something.


  • Right now it's kind of a non-event...
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    Not every year has a global arc, and not every arc is for the 20th anni. I was hoping for something also, cuz I thought I remembered reading something somewhere about a continuation of the Titan storyline this September.

    But we do have the global Constellation Event, as I am thinking of it. Each shard has 1000 discoveries, the constellation names and their discoverers go down in permanent shard history, and then the event is over. Which shard completes it first? I imagine some shards might take years, unless there is a dedicated astronomer or a team. Who was active in game this year, with their name on that list? Who has the most creative constellation/character names? It's kind of a solo thing while being a community thing at the same time - like signing a year book. Something a little different than just kill kill kill. I like it, anyway.

    And I love the artwork!
  • Kind of have a sour taste in my mouth already about looking for the constellations.  Seems like it's too easy to just wipe out all that work in an instant.  My time doing it on Origin earlier this week certainly was a wasted effort.
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    Well that is always a risk when a publish is first released - there are pros and cons to being the first shards to get the patch ahead of everyone else :(
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    A good astronomer takes notes.

    note: I am not a good astronomer.
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    Having done the Gumshoe quest now, I think this must be what the comment earlier in the year was about continuing with the Titan story a bit. To me, this quest and the deco meteors (love the art on these btw!), combined with the stargazing (coinciding with a giant meteor falling from the sky) feels like the 20th anni event. The whole Caddellite crafting and the new Treasures and champ spawn are part of that imo, as the rewards don't have a Halloween vibe to me. They just happen to start in October.

    For Halloween, we get the normal stuff with new pretties, plus another round of the bone containers. I hope new colors, tho I am still missing green from last year so I am happy either way hehe.

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