Possible Bug/Glitch with the moving crate with the new conversion process

LarisaLarisa Posts: 975
edited September 2018 in Bugs
Everything went into the moving crate like it was supposed to, but because there are so many items in a castle, the gold boxes stack on top of each other so I had to unpack quite a few to find the things I was looking for...I now have one gold box left in the packing crate that is showing 1 item but there's nothing in it...and the weight/item count is off.

Edit to add this is in the CC only....I do still have 1 item that is 79 stones that seems to be invisible but I did get the rest of the items out using the EC.


  • LarisaLarisa Posts: 975
    False alarm....well sorta...the CC is still buggy with things like this but I did manage to get everything out of the packing crate so all is well!

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