September's Events - Europa

EM SarahEM Sarah Posts: 50Event Moderator
Dear friends,

here is the list of our events this month ( be sure always to check the site for all the events listed ):

15th September - The Riddle Masters ( I hope Drakelord will not kill me for this <span>:smiley:</span> ) - 8.30 PM UK Time zone EM Hall
16th September - The King of Greed , gather at EM Hall 8.30 PM UK time zone, tons of good PvM fights!
23rd September-  Royal Council - 6.30 PM Uk Time zone at Castle Blackthorn and to follow there will be A Summer of Illusions , at 8.30 PM UK time zone - EM Hall!!

I will prolly start some PvP Events again during the winter! 

Have fun on our shard

EM Sarah
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