Sample of bad UI design (pet training)

TrismegistosTrismegistos Posts: 156
The question is, which of the buttons will be pressed when
  • want to start trainig process(using up some points for skills ...) and
  • forgot to wear eyeglasses or
  • have to less caffeine or
  • in a hurry?
And whats happend then?
Imagine Pet is level 5 already and waiting for new scroll.
This is the sample of bad UI's, where the option with the negative result is more succint than the right button. And yes there is a question, are you sure. But there are also questions like "your pet loosing pack instinct when" .
The hurry result was a damned cu.
Please move this red option (which dismisses all training points) under the training options. This can be reached if you press the pressing the blue button.

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