All the developers really need from us is a list of good items.

Listen, this game is older than time itself and has two decades worth of content bolted onto it. As I've ranted about elsewhere under one name or another, the developers really need to do very little systems work. The systems are there, what we need are reasons to do them.

Revamping Doom was really good work, I think. I vaguely recall the combat updates mostly being kind of tedious and having to tink-tink-tink some boss to death with autoattacks because it was just sort of arbitrarily immune to armor ignore, but whatever at least there's a reason to do it now.

All they really have to do is take an item people will want, ask themselves "Hmm, what's the funnest thing no one does anymore?" and add it to that. At most they need to change a few strings.

Like those kill quests in Heartwood that nobody does? Make those quests require kills that actually matter, high-end mobs, bosses and stuff. Have them reward some sort of hoardable turn-in item like Minax or Kotl artifacts. Add some "Knights of Blackthorn" or whatever to the castle that give out the same quests, just for flavor.

Holy crap that would get me motivated, especially if the turn-in reward list had...


What should they give us? How much better can gear get before too many people are capped in too many things to really care about anything new? What sorts of really cool house decoration do we really not have yet? What are the things that would get you super interested?

Okay, here's mine.

You get this little crystal that summons a dog. The dog is invincible like a personal attendant NPC, and simply follows the player around. Whenever it detects a player death, however, it says one of several scripted insulting phrases. Even if the dead player is the owner.

That's it, just a magical talking dog that smacktalks your foes in PVP if you do that, and ridicules you for getting killed in PVM. In fact, really, that's what this entire thread is about. I don't care about incentivizing obsolete content to drive player engagement at minimal development cost, I just want a magical talking dog.
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    1. Magical Talking Dogs For Everyone
    2. I Hate Fun And Only Like Bad Things
    3. *holds up spork*


  • GidgeGidge Posts: 413
    This is what another person was kinda talking about and I posted a few ideas on that post.

    Redoable quests
    ☼Kill Dread
    ☼That annoying thing you pick up on Trav that you can't have more than one in your backpack or you lose the whole lot.

    New quests
    do all the peerless

    Make the dread flute a slayer drop as well (all of them! include the silly ol' bear).
    Make the Crys ring drop as a bracelet too (options!)
    Make some new tile rugs (like the ones from Medusa) one for each peerless.

    This was a post I made as a suggestion myself.
    Updated Void Pool Items to include all ore and wood types.

  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,545
    Gidge said:

    Make some new tile rugs (like the ones from Medusa) one for each peerless.

    I'd like to see one with the Dragon Turtle (head) and T-REX(Body) on them
  • PawainPawain Posts: 7,114
    Or a Cu Sidhe carpet.  Or an Allen rug!
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