Please Add Commodity Deed extract NPC

Hello community.

i think about broker.and i feel 2 issue.
please review and solve it.

1.EJ man is great economy unit for broker but they not buy from broker.
   because they not open they are only seller.
   if EJ man need open deed. ask to payed's some risk.
   please fix it.
2. please optimize broker hire condition.
    some broker is empty item for long time.
    i like this system.not look to like ruins.

please reforcus it.

other:castle contest to tc1? do you think a like 31*31*3 tofu structuer.hehe.


  • GidgeGidge Posts: 426
    hmmm Tofu structure... Gingerbread house? :D yes BIG BLOCK. :) Noooooo!!!!
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