Placement Blocking items for Castles



  • SlayviteSlayvite Posts: 113
    Remember Test is a new shard, probably based on Origin and not the "old" shards like Europa or Atlantic. 
    Things are different on the live shards, most likely they removed the majority of blocking items for test over the years.
  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,309
    Not sure if you're reading the page correctly. The rocks in the picture above the 'blocking objects' heading are non-blocking. Only the picture below the heading is of blocking objects.

  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    edited August 2018
    So far the only place I have found those rocks are in Luna, still can't find any on Baja Tram/Fel yet
  • McDougleMcDougle Posts: 3,742
    I recommend go test on the Homare plains its flat but lots of little things you'd think would not block placement but does...
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  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    TY Will ck it out.
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