Disappearing corpses from Trade Order ambushes.

BasaraBasara Posts: 163
I've had this happen several times now, so I know it's happening. I've also had several friends also confirm they have had it happen, though they thought initially they were imagining things.

What Should Be Occurring:
As your pets/summons/spells/weapon attacks kill an attacker that spawns as a result of the trade order, it should leave behind a corpse to loot. These corpses apparently still have some of the rare loot from the Titan arc ambushes.

What is actually occurring:
On occasion, an ambushing creature or NPC dies, and instead of leaving a corpse, totally vanished, leaving no remains to loot. (leading to some to wonder if those creatures might have had one of the rare loot drops, as the missing corpse occurrence is about at the same frequency as finding a rare loot item in the months after the event ended).

Known for sure to be happening on Lake Austin, and also on several other shards (as the others play 2 or more shards and make an effort on each to do trade orders. 3 or 4 of us experiencing this bug are currently sitting governors on Lake Austin, and I've had other mentions 2nd/3rd hand via the other governors from former governors as well.

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