Myrmidex Glyph

Has anyone tried to dye walls to match one? I have been stealing them in hopes to make a nice addition to my home, but I would like to incorporate other walls into them.

Cream and Green bleh! :)


  • Whrn they said the Ej items would be  dyable , the first things I thought of was the stealables.. That glyph could look great in Reflective shadow and im sure in other colours as well. And the rock. Looks good as it is, but you need lava area to make it fit with deco .  
  • GidgeGidge Posts: 413
    edited August 2018

    I have found that the dark green although not a perfect match goes well with it. I wish they, and tons more things!, were turnable. I thought the Ararat stuff would kinda match it, but it is more metallic than matte. I SHOULD be able to use the polishes to shine the bell up! :D Or dip it in that varnish.

    Now we just need craftable wooden floors and walls.... *HINT HINT*

    Oh and the lava? I have plans for the lava....
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