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Hi there. I'm following a sampire guide which outlines the mods I need on my starting gear, but i have no idea which gear types I should wear... leather, studded, chain, plate etc.. and why. I also dont know which materiel types i should be using and why.
I also have made a crafter character and think it would be great to craft and imbue my own starting set.
Also a brief outline of which sword I should create and of what material  would be fantastic.
Appreciate your help!

Here are the mods im supposed to be starting with:
40% hci
20% dci
155+ stam
20% lmc
75 of each resist (maybe higher fire due to vamp?)

(5th mod being di 80%)


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    Describing what you ask will take many long posts. However it has already been described. I'd suggest you take a look at imbuing and reforging guides on Stratics. Moreover, Stratics has at least one detailed guide on how to craft a Samp suit.
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    If you are just starting out, these are rather unrealistic expectations.

    You will initially have to make do with whatever items you find as loot, trying to put together a basic full-70 set (in vampire form) and trying to get as much HCI, DCI, DI as you can on your jewelry.

    Then start training imbuing on your crafter by unraveling all the junk loot you get.

    Once you get a decent amount of imbuing, try to get yourself a basic set:
    - resists (all 70 in vampire form)
    - lower mana cost on all 6 pieces (cap is 40%).
    - stamina increase (breakpoints are every 30 points, so aim for 150 or 180)
    - hp increase, mana increase or mana regeneration if you get any spare mods left on the items

    - hit chance (13% each)
    - defense chance (13% each)
    - damage increase (22% each)
    - +7 dex, +13 skill or +13 resist depending on what you need

    damage increase 45%
    hit lower defense
    mana leech
    then pick two of:
    stam leech / life leech / 13% hit chance / slayer

    Also consider going with maces or fencing instead of swords, as a mace / fencing 120 scroll goes for 500k while a swords 120 scroll goes for 30m+.

    Also consider dropping bushido and going with healing instead. A good shield will make it much easier to max your resists, without requiring a spreadsheet. You won't need to worry about all the bushido abilities. And healing makes it much easier to survive with crappy gear.

    The standard sampire template is basically for soloing bosses, and not the most newbie-friendly build out there for someone just starting out.
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    Thanks for this very helpful!
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