Returning vet needs some help!

hey guys its been a solid 10 years since ive played... Im still fresh from farming champ spawns for +20 scrolls and doom....

got my inquis gaunts/ hat of magi/ bracelet and all that jazz doubt that means much anymore....

still red so not sure where I should be farming now a days or what I should be doing... is there a community discord?

what programs are allowed to help manage macros/pots and easier map location...

currently 110 parry, 115 mage/eval/med, 105.1 necro, 109.4 spirit speak.... prolly will do 95% pvp and 5% pve       what skill route should I go?

I mean any and all information even not related to my questions would be great.... just lost completely. feels like forever... started playing this game when I was 9 so its a much different time.


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    Your old items can be upgraded by someone with a recipe and Dark Father Blood.

    Just take your time and have fun.
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    Are you using the Enhanced Client? It has many features so that a separate program is not needed for potions, hot bars and such. The map  for EC is really great. I am guessing you have downloaded the Classic Client. If so UOcartographer and UOassist are what I use if your system can handle EC.

    As far as a community discord, that usually happens when you join a guild. Some guilds use one.
    There have been a few people who run/have ran a discord for whole shards...I don't know which ones.

    Which route you go is strictly up to you. If you still like the champ spawn rush, That is always a great money maker on any shard still. Some shards there are times you can do one alone and not be challenged.

    Oh! and welcome home. :)

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    You might find this page on the wiki worthwhile:


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    I returned to Ultima Online off and on, 3 years ago.  

    I regretted being off and on Ultima Online.

    I lost many items due to my homes disappearing due to not paying the subscription fee.

    If I maintained my line of playing, I probably would be far ahead in the game now.

    But nevertheless, I'm doing pretty well in the game when I got back into it 2 years ago.

    The game is still great and managed by EA and Origin.

    Totally recommend it still, after all these many years.

    Still loving playing the game, and it gives me great happiness.

    Have fun..

    Thanks UO!

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